Jumping into Fall…in my Jumper?

Fall…uh…winter…is upon us?

Call me behind the times..or behind the days of the calendar but I can’t believe it’s the end of October!  Typically, I can get away with skirts sans tights and jackets rather than coats until mid-November in the mild Georgia climate in which I reside…but not this year.  I did just get back from a cruise.  And yes it was to a tropical locale.  And yes I was a bit spoiled by the sunny weather and bathing suit wardrobe.  But…I didn’t expect to come home and find I’m behind the times with my fall wardrobe!  Where has the summer gone?  I was still defining my summer style and it’s drifted away from me.  And so…on to Fall.

What to wear, what to wear?  That is the question, my dear!

I’ve pulled out the traditional boots and tights which are my “go to pieces” and I’ve grabbed a couple of sweaters and jackets from my Fall/Winter closet.  Now to jazz it up a bit!  My first order of business is to repurpose a black, racer back jumper I purchased this summer from Ann Taylor Loft.  Jumpers were all the rage this past Summer and I, never one to be left behind, jumped on the jumper bandwagon.  After all that jumping I decided to hang onto the jumper and not put it away for the season but rather, try to find a way to winterize it.  Should I wear it with boots…or heels?  Should I belt it…maybe with a sweater or cardigan?  Is the fabric too light for winter?  Questions, questions?!

And so that is my project for this week.  I’ll be posting pics soon and hopefully my final product will serve as an inspiration for you too if you should choose to “jump into Fall with your jumper”!


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