A Quest….

A great chambray, denim shirt can be so versatile. Either worn with plaid or with a jacquard or animal print, there is no end to the combinations! And so….I’m on a quest…for the perfect denim shirt. I know exactly what I want…a shirt that is soft and thin so that it may easily be layered or worn under a jacket. It needs to be just faded enough to give that “I’ve worn and loved this shirt A LOT” without being frayed or sloppy look. A shirt that is tailored, so it may be dressed up with a statement necklace, but roomy, so that it feels comfortable under a sweater. And preferably one without front pockets or buttons on the pockets as these always show through a layered sweater and look…odd. With that in mind, here are a few I’m considering…

Top left: Ann Taylor Bottom left: Target-Mossimo Top right: Express Bottom right: JCrew
Top left: Ann Taylor
Bottom left: Target-Mossimo
Top right: Express
Bottom right: JCrew

Unfortunately, the shirts from JCrew and Target both have buttoned front pockets which, as I mentioned before can cause problems when layering under a sweater or jacket. I love the color of the JCrew shirt. The Target shirt is a little too 1990’s acid washed for me. The Ann Taylor shirt is perfectly cut, tailored to wear with and under sweaters and jackets, but is darker than I’d like. The quest continues but hopefully I’ll be sporting a new chambray, denim shirt in my upcoming blog posts!

Into the Wild…

I’m wearing one of my favorite looks in today’s post – Animal Prints. These types of prints can be tricky as they really make a statement and will typically need to be paired with more simple items.

I found these particular pants at Target and was amazed at how versatile they were! They are actually capri pants and I usually wear them with cute wedge heels but I realized I can also wear them with boots as more of a riding pant.

To keep this look “work friendly”, I wore a simple black blouse and black, velveteen jacket. This shifted the focus to the pants without bringing too much attention to the more exotic print. Animal prints – sophisticated, chic, cool and memorable!


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