Vintage Style – A Featured Friend…Heather Marie

Today’s post features a dear friend of mine.  We’ve been friends long enough to witness our progression through life – good times and bad – through tragedies and celebrations.  One of the threads that binds us together is our love of clothes and fashion.  I admire my friend for her unique vintage look and for her courage to be who she is – undiluted and inspiring.  I love seeing her dolled up in vintage prints and belted dresses.  More than anything, I love seeing her become the person she was meant to be.  And so, my featured fashionista of the day is Heather Marie.

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Style – A Featured Friend…Heather Marie

    1. Thanks, Sarmistha! Love your blog too! I’m encouraging my friend to start her own blog detailing her vintage style and this will be such a thrill for her! Cortneybre

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