C.O.L.D in N.Y.C – A Fashionista’s Failings…

Well, hello friends!  I’m back from my New York City (and the surrounding area) adventure and you’d think I’d have many beautifully shot and effortlessly chic and stylish posts for your viewing pleasure!  Sadly, that is not the case as I made one small but fatal miscalculation.  Ah…let’s just spell it out in one simple but eloquent word.  I know many of your know it…all together now.  C.O.L.D.

Yes, it was cold.  And it got the better of me.  Dashed were my dreams of simplified couture shoots amidst the streets of Manhattan.  Gone were my visions of multiple Blair Eadie-esqe urban chic, satin-on-the-sidewalk shots!  Instead I traipsed around 5th Ave sans socks in high heeled Kate Spades, an oversized coat and polka dot mittens (which clashed horribly with my wonderful Kate Spade polka dotted purse).  By the end of the trip, I wasn’t even bothering with lipstick or makeup for that matter.

I knew I had lost my fashionable fight when I found myself looking for a ski mask at the CVS in Times Square.

How could this happen?  How could all of my meticulous planning, purchasing and plotting amount to this?  A few crude shots of me – looking like Little Edie – and not from Atlantic Pacific but from Grey Gardens – posing haphazardly in front of Tiffany & Co?  So cold was I that I refused to leave the car…even for Emporio Armani!  Enjoy that pitiful shot in the collage below – taken from my car window as we sped by.

So what I have learned from this failed attempt?  Well, that I DO NOT like being cold and that I better start shopping for my Summer visit!

C.O.L.D. in N.Y.C.


Happy 2014 my friends!  Here’s to many adventures ahead, and may your path be always warm and cozy!  Cortneybre…

Happy 2014!

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