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No, I wasn’t listening to Jessie J when I picked out today’s outfit. However, I was thinking of how I’d like to tone my look down a bit without being mistaken for a hostess at Olive Garden.  (Black pants, black or white top/vest – c’mon people…I know you know what I mean..)

I dug though my closet and found the lovely combination you see below.  I grabbed my leopard print wedges, applied some Russian Red M.A.C. lipstick (the BEST red lipstick, in my opinion) and out the door I went!  I love black and white – ebony and ivory if you will.  It’s such a clean and sophisticated look.  Here are a couple of tips for getting your black and white, right!

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*When wearing black on black – ensure your “blacks” match  – As much as you love that faded black jacket or lovingly-worn pair of black slacks, don’t wear them with a new black shirt.  Nothing makes faded black stand out like a darker and/or newer black.

*Wear a statement piece –  Wear something that breaks up the monotony of the outfit – either a bright lip, patterned shoe or stand out piece of jewelry.  It provides a focal point for the outfit.

*Be leery of the “uniform”  – You’re not working at Applebee’s so be careful with white cotton button up shirts and black slacks.  Wear a silky blouse or – if you must wear white cotton – try for something with interesting detail.

*Avoid too much red accompaniment  – I KNOW (because I tend to do it myself) that one would be inclined to add red to a black and white ensemble.  The trouble with adding red accessories/shoes/belts to a black and white look is it can kill the simplicity of the outfit…so add red but not too much…especially if you’re wearing a red lipstick.

*Cruella DeVil Syndrome – Just don’t say I didn’t warn you – wear fur with black and white – and dare I say polka dots – and you’ve fallen ill with Cruella DeVil Syndrome.  People won’t let you near their dogs and no one wants that.  Be careful with the fur!


001 announcement (1)

001 announcement (1)

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