Lipstick Obsession…My Confession….


Ugh…I’ve been sick the last few days so I’ll spare you any photos of me.  It ain’t pretty.  As I was dragging myself into work today I grabbed my purse, which seemed to weigh twenty pounds, and wondered just why it weighs so much?  I took everything out of the purse including the wallet, papers, small comb and a small pack of gum and finally my super full lipstick bag.

As I expected…the bag weighed more than the purse and all of the other contents combined!  I’ve long since suspected I have a lipstick addiction.  To me, nothing holds as much promise as a new tube of lipstick or gloss.  It’s a “new you” in a tube!

Lipstick is transformative, it’s inspirational.  I’ve had ladies stop me on the street and ask what shade of lipstick I was wearing.  I find it downright sad that some women only wear one or two shades of lipstick…or none at all!

As I said, my problem has resulted in me carrying approximately 18 shades of lipstick and/or gloss with me at all times.  I like to consider myself prepared for ALL situations.  My lipstick is just as important to the look of my outfit as my shoes, top, skirt, slacks or any other part of my ensemble!

I’ve devised a little lipstick chart of all of the shades I am currently carrying today.  I know it sounds silly to say these are all my faves but honestly, they are.  A few do stand out though:

*M.A.C – Russian Red

This is a serious lipstick, comrade.  It goes on thick and lasts for hours.

Lancome – La Laque Fever – Electric Pink

This is the “passerby on the street” stopper.  I think it is the most beautiful lipstick/gloss I’ve ever seen.

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Color Lip Color – Adrenaline 

It’s super shiny and goes on easily.  Long wearing and sassy!

All of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

I love ALL of these…hence the reason why I have 5 of these on my list.  I actually own more but don’t have them with me…a girl can only tote so much.


Enjoy!  Cortneybre…

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