La Parisienne JCREW Sweater – Whimsical & Warm!

002 page_1 (1) I’m trying to dress warmer…and I thought this posed the perfect opportunity to wear my newly purchased (via eBAY) and gently worn (and I like to think loved) JCREW La Parisienne sweater.  It’s such a sweet little sweater.  I fell in love with the lady peering out at me on its front.  If you peer very closely you can see her little pink and white gloved hands and sweetheart pink mouth.  Whimsical and warm!   Throw in a zany black and white striped shirt and a pair of pants to match and my Friday La Parisienne outfit was almost complete! I was on my way to dressing warmly until I started to pick out shoes and realized the ONLY shoes that would truly take this outfit to a new level were ones that could not be worn with hose or socks. All hail my cheetah print wedge heels from Banana Republic! Once I added these babies, the outfit came “roaring” to life.  (sorry..bad pun…and I don’t think cheetahs roar..but…quick Google search…(processing)..ok…).  Sorry…let me rephrase – the outfit came purring to life (it appears cheetahs do not roar but purr instead..which is much more preferable, don’t you think)! Happy Friday!  Cortneybre… 002 page_1 (1)   002 page_1 (1)


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6 thoughts on “La Parisienne JCREW Sweater – Whimsical & Warm!

  1. Thanks so much! I just fell in love with it and buying it on eBAY meant I didn’t break the bank. I think this sweater is going in my favorites category, its just so cute! 🙂 have a great weekend! Cortneybre…

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