Not-So-Great Days…Everyone Has ‘Em…

Ugh.  You know…some days are just… keep this G rated I’ll say they’re not-so-great. 

I’ve been having one of those weeks actually.  Mainly because of the weather and all of the issues that result from it.  I’ve worn two perfectly cute outfits the last couple of days.  Outfits that I would like to share with you.  BUT..due to this stupid, flipping weather I was unable to get decent pictures.

I’ve been sitting here, depressed…because I couldn’t post the pictures I wanted to post and thinking about the demise of my blog.  I know I’m being fatalistic and that a couple of botched posts does not a failure make but it’s hard to keep going when you feel the forces of NATURE are against you!

Regardless, I thought I’d share yesterday’s outfit with you.  It’s not a great picture but I do think it’s a great and simple outfit and I wanted to put it out there to the world.

I know image is everything and perception is very important but everyone (even the most glamorous) have bad days – bad hair days, bad lipstick days, bad “I shouldn’t have worn these shoes” days.  Not that I’m one of the most glamorous but I do try to make everyday sparkle with specialness and bring my unique style to those who are interested.

Here’s to tomorrow being a great day and the end of the not-so-great ones!  XO Cortneybre…

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