This skirt is heavy, man…

This skirt is heavy, man…no – seriously – it’s like 95% polyester and it’s heavy!  Introducing…drum roll please….my ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Scuba!  {Just ignore the background change in the pictures too please…it started raining and I was forced to seek shelter lest I be drenched}

I’ve heard a lot about scuba fabric but didn’t quite understand what it was and why all the hype until I received this skirt.

Scuba is a thick, stretchy, polyester blend.  It is heavy but it holds shape well and is quite comfortable.  Pleated scuba skirts are wonderful, especially midi skirts with pleats as the material hangs beautifully.

I’m quite happy with my ASOS purchase.  I’ve gotten many compliments on the skirt today and several people wanted to touch the fabric because it is a bit unusual.

ASOS also offers this skirt in black and I might splurge and purchase just one more.  I don’t typically buy multiples but this skirt is a classic and it’s so versatile I can wear it with anything!  Enjoy your day!!  Cortneybre…

ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Scuba can be found at:

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