I’m pretending it’s not Fashion Week in NYC right now…

I’m pretending it’s not Fashion Week in NYC right now.

Gorgeous models aren’t sash-shaying down the runway while I sit at my computer and the rain and winds swirl outside.

Of course, New York Fashion Week is EVERYWHERE and so, it’s hard to pretend and since I’m no good at avoidance anyway, let’s look at some of my favorite designers and their lines.

Tory Burch – Spring 2014

Think:  Floral gardens, warm breezes and silver sequined fish swimming in a garden pond.  Chic, Elegant, Fun!

Kate Spade – Spring/Summer 2014

Think: It’s a garden party and you really, really want to go!  A “bright, sunny, color-saturated-with-the-scent-of-lemonade-hanging-in-the-air” party.   Tiffany blue and shimmery red are paired with fun floral prints as well as bright pinks popping against black and white stripes.  Joyful, Bright and Irresistible!

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