A day of layering…because the weather isn’t my friend….

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A quick share of my Monday attire.  Our weather can’t decide what to do so I wore layers today just in case it:

a) got hotter

b) got colder or

c) rain, snowed, or stayed 65 degrees.  It’s SO difficult to dress with the weather misbehaving!



I have on a Worthington blazer, complete with awesome shoulder pads, from JC Penney.  I picked this blazer up for less than $10 a few months ago and I like that I can wear it year-round.

The blouse is by Gap and was also on sale and very versatile.  The geometric print blouse adds dimension, especially when worn with floral.


My skirt is also by Worthington and is a mermaid cut – or at least that’s what I’m calling it.  It’s fitted thru the waist and hips and flares mid-thigh.  It also has a great polka dotted pattern that pairs well with the floral jacket and geometric print blouse!


The shoes are Vince Camuto, glasses by Colehaan, bracelets by Bealles, watch by Kate Spade and necklace by Yochi NY.

Hope you all have a great Monday and a great week!  Cortneybre…


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