Fears of Losing My Stripes…A Night Circus Clothing Collage

Today’s outfit…literally exploded into existence.  Ka BOOM!!!  It started with a striped top that I just felt like wearing today.  You know…some days you just feel like wearing something special or different or…not special or different at all (see my prior post Incognito).

Blouse: Gap Cardigan: Banana Republic Skirt: New York and Co Tights: Merona Shoes: Mossimo Pin: Chanel Watch/Earrings: Kate Spade Sunglasses: Colehaan
Blouse: Gap    Cardigan: Banana Republic    Skirt: New York and Co    Tights: Merona
Shoes: Mossimo    Pin: Chanel    Watch/Earrings: Kate Spade    Sunglasses: Colehaan

Well, today I was feeling “stripey” – although I think it was on my mind because lately I’ve seriously feared the demise of striped clothing sometime in the near future.  Yes, gasp…

You know how it goes, one day it’s in and the next day its O.U.T. and to be caught in stripes will be passé.

Luckily, I did see a new Kate Spade Saturday advertisement this morning proclaiming the virtues of its striped line…yes, they have an entire collection of striped wearables and accessories.  So, my fears of losing my stripes….were allayed for at least a season or so.

Back to the Ka BOOM.  As well as feeling “stripey”, I was also feeling…hmmmm….Night Circus-like, as if I wanted to be in charge of the Big Top.  I wanted to be the Ring Leader…ta ta ta Taaa…I’m here!  Welcome one and all!

That’s when the explosion happened.


Add STRIPED TOP + FLORAL PRINT BUBBLE SKIRT + POLKA DOTTED CARDIGAN + GOLD STUDDED BLACK TIGHTS (throw in a Chanel pin, gold earrings and black pumps for a dash of class) = A day at the Cortneybre Circus!

So, step right up folks, take a gander at what I’ve posted today.  Grab some popcorn and some cotton candy and enjoy!  Happy Friday, Cortneybre…

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13 thoughts on “Fears of Losing My Stripes…A Night Circus Clothing Collage

  1. I wish I could effortlessly pull pieces together to create and amazing look. That skirt is simply fabulous, and the fact you paired it with both stripes and poka dots is pretty spectacular. Can’t wait to see your next OOTD.
    x Jade

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