My Tips for Dressing for Work!

Sweater: Banana Republic Shirt: Red Camel Skirt: Worthington Pin: Chanel Earrings/Watch : Kate Spade Shoes: Mossimo
Sweater: Banana Republic     Shirt: Red Camel     Skirt: Worthington
Pin: Chanel     Earrings/Watch : Kate Spade     Shoes: Mossimo  Sunglasses: ColeHaan

I work behind a cubicle wall …in an office…in a Hospital.

It’s not glamorous and my day isn’t spent dodging highly fashionable ladies and gents as they dash about.

Nope.  At best, I might see the occasional quirky set of scrubs…and I do mean occasionally.

With that in mind, I do try to bring a sense of style to my otherwise style-starved workplace but I do need to maintain a professional look and presentation as well.

At times, this can be quite the challenge but I like to think I pull it off most of the time.  🙂  Here are some rules I follow to stay stylish at work!

Redefine Your “Neutral” – Neutral colors go with everything but most people think of neutrals as black, white, and tan.  Let’s push those boundaries a bit!

I’ve expanded my neutrals category to include grey, gold and silver as well as animal prints.  Varying shades of cheetah, leopard, zebra – heck any animal print – can be worn as a neutral to really pep up an outfit without going over the top.  You can pair any of these with stripes, colors, and different patterns provided you stick with the same color scheme.

Layering – Offices or other work environments are often cold and sterile.  (Especially hospitals!)  I typically dress in layers, which keeps me comfortable plus adds dimension to my look.  I try to always build my outfit with the basics (shirt and pants or shirt and skirt) and add one more item – a blazer or cardigan, etc.  That extra piece will bring sophistication to your outfit.

A Tailored Look – Try a fitted skirt (just not too short!) – Tailored or form fitting items automatically look more professional.  Just that extra detail makes the piece look more work appropriate.  As business attire is typically bland, add that new neutral to dress it up!  A tailored but unique office look is not only appropriate but unique and fun!

Don’t be shy about wearing a tailored, fitted skirt also.  I try to keep my skirts no shorter than one inch above the knee for work.  I usually wear shorter skirts in winter (the opposite of what you’d expect) as I wear tights during that time which acts as an “almost-legging”.  Bare legs in a too-short skirt might seem unprofessional.

Whimsical or Unique – Be You! – What makes “you”, you?  Do you love pink?  Are you a fan of polka dots, or stripes?  Bring that into your daily work look!  Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you need be boring.  Liven up your look with things you love!  I’ve noticed people love to look at what I’m wearing and notice a surprise detail – maybe that my skirt is actually a dress paired with a sweater or a surprisingly cute earring.  Be yourself and treat yourself as if you were a piece of art!

Take Chances! – Lastly….take a chance now and then…remember…”If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”….Katharine Hepburn

Happy Wednesday!

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    1. Thanks so much, Geetika! This outfit could really get out of hand if I dolled it up too much so thank you for your comment on the belt – I acutally tried on a couple of different belts before deciding on this skinny one. 🙂 Cortneybre…

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