Rouge in Love by Lancome…A Rainy Day Review of a Bright Orange Lipstick…

Rouge In Love by Lancome Color: 146B - Miss Coquelicot Image taken from
Rouge In Love by Lancome
Color: 146B – Miss Coquelicot
Image taken from

I find myself dodging the rain today and searching my desk hopelessly for chocolate.  Actually doing one, led to the other.  It’s just miserable here  – a chilly and foggy sideways rain is falling.  What makes it SO much worse is that I wore a really cute ensemble today, which I had hoped to share – but alas that isn’t going to happen.  Instead, my pictures were just selfies (which I abhor posting on my blog) and selfies taken in horrible fluorescent lighting – double aberration.  So please forgive me for the not so great pics today…I’m hoping the sun will come out tomorrow!  😉

Rouge In Love by Lancome Color: 146B - Miss Coquelicot Image taken from
Rouge In Love by Lancome
Color: 146B – Miss Coquelicot

One good thing to come out of this bad day is that I do get to share a great orange lipstick that I recently purchased.  Since I can’t share my entire outfit, I thought I would share my lipstick and provide a bit of a review.

As I’ve seen EVERYWHERE – orange lips are trending.

I actually love orange lips as I’m a fair, fair redhead and I can really rock the right shade of orange.  Plus, I’ve actually gotten tired of red lipstick – as silly as that sounds.  I wear lots of reds, and pinks and I’m adverse to a nude lip – although I know I should – and have really, really tried – to embrace it.  I have full lips…which I’ve finally grown into (I’ve had these lips since like 5th grade and believe me…it took some growing into them)!

I decided to try the orange lipstick trend some time ago and although it isn’t a shade I’ll wear really often, I decided to splurge and try a Lancome brand – which is Rouge in Love.


I actually wanted to try Rouge in Love because I’d heard great things about its staying power and I just loved the super saturated, color pigmentation.  The color of this particular lipstick is 146B – Miss Coquelicot (isn’t that a FABULOUS name!?).

While talking with the Lancome representative I learned a few things about the Rouge in Love series.  Here’s the scoop:

Rouge In Love – Lancome

A high potency lip color

Considered featherlight

Provides up to 6 hours of wear time

 The shades are also sub-categorized into three moods –  like so:

  • Jolis Matins:  Fresh shades for daytime wear – identified by the letter M in the shade number
  • Boudoir Time: Pop shades for cocktail hour – identified by the letter B in the shade number
  • Tonight is My Night: Intense shades for magical nights – identified by the letter N in the shade number

I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff…who wouldn’t want to wear one of these just for the names and the descriptions!  It’s always cocktail hour as far as I’m concerned and – “Tonight is My Night”….I like it…what a sexy title!  

The Real-Real Review

After I was entranced by the color and the descriptions – I bought the lipstick and have worn it several times.  Here’s my review:

  • Feel:      Goes on Silky and Smooth.  Very moist and non-drying.  Not heavy to wear.
  • Color:    Not as saturated as I’d like.  Goes on a bit thin and I have to apply two coats to get the super saturated finish I prefer.
  • Wear:    Slightly shiny, even, saturated color coverage for 3-4 hours of wear.  If going for more of a stain or a lighter color – I think it will last the 6 hours as promised.

Overall impression:  I like it!  Thumbs up!  Overall, although it takes a couple of coats for me to achieve the saturated look I want, the color is even and long lasting.  It goes on silky and light and that is hard to find in highly pigmented color.

Also, this is a “wearable” orange – not too flamboyant or obnoxious.  It’s suitable for work or play!

I’ve received several compliments on the lipstick today and the funny thing is it’s not SO orange that people immediately notice it.  I’ve had several people just ask if I did something different with my makeup.

So, if you’re looking for a long wearing, highly pigmented, trendy orange lip color, I highly recommend Lancome’s Rouge In Love – 146B – Miss Coquelicot!  Xoxo…Cortneybre…


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9 thoughts on “Rouge in Love by Lancome…A Rainy Day Review of a Bright Orange Lipstick…

  1. Awesome!! I love the pics with the painting too! I think it’s time for me to seriously consider lipstick!! I just never seem to find any colors that I really love- but I think I just need to put in more effort!

  2. Love this! I just adore orange/coral lip shades. And I love Rouge In Love!! I actually just picked up the Pink Bon Bon shade today 🙂

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

  3. I have been on the hunt for an orange lipstick forever. Most are super drying and because of the vibrant color you can see the lip lines. This might just be the one, definitely going to have to try it! Thanks for the intro to it:)

    xx Cara

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