A Daffodil Yellow Cardi with D-I-Y Boyfriend Jeans….

Cardigan: Crown & Ivy Blouse: Gap Jeans: Madison Shoes: Kate Spade Necklaces: JCREW Sunglasses: Colehaan
Cardigan: Crown & Ivy   Blouse: Gap   Jeans: Madison   Shoes: Kate Spade   Necklaces: JCREW   Sunglasses: Colehaan

I’m trying to mentally WILL Spring into existence here.  It seems to possibly be working although it’s still cold and chilly out but the flowers are finally starting to bud and bloom.

I “planted” …haha..bad pun..myself by my azalea bush today and snapped a few pictures of a cute cardigan I recently picked up from Belk.  The cardigan is made by crown and Ivy (get it here) and is a beautiful, bright yellow with white detailing.

I paired it with a black and white, geometrical, sheer blouse and white jeans.

I really love the boyfriend jeans look but honestly (and don’t shudder), I don’t really care for jeans.  They are just not that comfy for me; I much prefer dresses/skirts to jeans any day.

That being said, I have just a few pairs of jeans that I really, really like and this pair falls into that category.  The issue with these jeans is that they are boot cut – and boot cut ain’t in right now.  (Not unless you are actually wearing boots..but still…I’d rather have a tapered leg).

Cardigan: Crown & Ivy Blouse: Gap Jeans: Madison Shoes: Kate Spade Necklaces: JCREW Sunglasses: Colehaan
Cardigan: Crown & Ivy  Blouse: Gap  Jeans: Madison
Shoes: Kate Spade   Necklaces: JCREW  Sunglasses: Colehaan

So, I decided to turn the boot cut jeans into boyfriend jeans (sorta) by rolling and tucking the fronts of the pants legs.  Worked like a charm!  Or at least I thought so.  I felt I had a geek chic thing going on!

I also had on my prized Kate Spade, cap toed, wedges – which I covet and love.  I hated to even walk on the dirty ground in these shoes…poor shoes – to be subjected to such a harsh environment!

Hope Spring is a’coming to you very soon, friends!  Xoxo…Cortneybre…

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4 thoughts on “A Daffodil Yellow Cardi with D-I-Y Boyfriend Jeans….

  1. Love it!! Yellow is such a lovely Spring color!! My pale skin combined with my pale hair makes it hard for me to pull off unless I have a tan… I’m jealous!!

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

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