The Illusion of Dressing…

Dress: Banana Republic Shirt: Champion Boots: Nine West Sunglasses: UnionBay Watch: Kate Spade
Dress: Banana Republic  Shirt: Champion  Boots: Nine West  Sunglasses: UnionBay  Watch: Kate Spade

Fashion is an illusion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can be anyone you want to be with the right ensemble. 

Yeah, yeah…we get that, right?

But how about actually creating an illusion with your clothing? Not just dressing in black because it’s slimming or wearing a belt to accentuate the waist….let’s take it one step further. How about a little fashion magic?

Abracadabra ….meet the optical Illusion dress!

Keira Knightley Image: Huff Post
Keira Knightley
Image: Huff Post

I was first turned onto this by an article I read about Keira Knightley. Evidentially K2 appeared at the Paris Fashion Week, Chanel Catwalk Show in a monochromatic dress which gave her the appearance of a bobble waisted doll.

While everyone knows that Keira is very slim, she seemed downright Photoshopped in this dress. Of course, this worked the press into a tizzy until it was realized that the dress was actually an illusion due to the juxtaposition of the oversized white top against the snug, waist hugging, black center portion of the dress and its white skirt bottom.

She’s such a slim girl, the illusion was really not necessary but at first glance, it did certainly confuse the onlookers.  For those of us who aren’t quite as slim, a little illusion can go a long way to making us appear slimmer and taller.

From Stella McCartney’s “Miracle Dress”, which Kate Winslet popularized a few years ago to Keira’s slimming Chanel illusion, it proves that fashion is magic.

Since Spring refuses to stay in my sunny but chilly South, I was able to wear my warm, woolen version of the Miracle Dress. Check out my pics below! Xoxo..Cortneybre…

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    1. Thanks, Jessie! Its still so cold here I’m forced to continuing wearing winter clothes – even as the flowers are blooming! 🙂 Cortneybre…

    1. Ha! Yes..I can’t really tell if I like her dress or not. It’s…uh…different. But different is good most of the time I think. 🙂 Glad you liked the lip color also; its a cheapie – Maybelline – Plum Luster – #120. I have a SERIOUS lipstick obession so I have to buy cheap sometimes!

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