Skirting the Rules…

Hello friends…how’s your Hump Day treating ya? Mine is about the same…but I must say that the weather is fine and I’m enjoying being out and about.

Today’s look is sort of nautical (blue stripes) but in Technicolor (yellow, orange and coral). I wanted to be casual but not bland and I think the bright colors really popped against my blue and white striped top.

I was SO excited to wear my Terrace Blooms statement necklace from Chloe+Isabel today also!  It is a beautiful statement necklace and fits perfectly with any Spring or Summer look!  Shop here at my boutique!

I also wore my fave pair of flats (although I actually own just a few pairs of flats since heels are my preference).

Hope you’re having a great week so far! Cortneybre…


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