I wear pink. You should too.

I wear pink. There. I said it. I wear it, I love it, I embrace that love.

There are so many woman who tell me “You look so great in pink, wish I could wear it but it makes me feel too ___” . The words inserted into that blank are usually little girlish, girly girl-ish, silly or they say they’re too old.

So sad….I had no idea one could actually grow out of wearing a color but it appears that is the misconception.

I don’t know why we allow these rules; rules that limit us and ultimately affect our self-expression.

Pink is just a color and like any color I will admit there are certain assumptions linked to it. However, those assumptions are by very definition of the word just supposings of some random person. Assumptions can be changed if the majority’s viewpoint is shifted ever so slightly. It’s a fluid concept and I choose to not be held to the standards of such concepts. 

I love pink. That’s why I wear it. I think it’s a beautiful color and it makes me happy. As I tell those women who say they can’t wear pink “because”, why not give it a try and wear it if you like it. Chances are many others will like it on you too. Wear what makes you happy and don’t worry about the girly girl stuff! 

Today’s look is a soft but sophisticated look that I think is perfect for Spring or Summer. I love the structure of the jacket paired with the graceful cut of the dress. My necklace is one of my fave’s from my Chloe + Isabel boutique! Shop it here!

Dress: Cynthia Rowley but love this one!

Shoes: New Look at ASOS – buy them here!

Jacket: Kate Spade NY – Love this one!

Bag: Kate Spade NY – Love this one!

Keep being you, my friends…you’re one of a kind!  xoxo…Cortneybre…


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14 thoughts on “I wear pink. You should too.

  1. Love the thoughts that you’ve shared in this post! Possessing great style has nothing to do with following the rules. I wear what I want, what makes me happy, what speaks me.

    As for your look – love it! The A-Line silhouette of your dress is one of my favorite shapes and the necklace is a great touch!

    Pink is one of my favorite colors, too, and I wear it often. It flatters my complexion and always makes me feel pretty.

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