I’ve been bedazzled by ShoeDazzle…

Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Bag: Kate Spade, Watch: Kate Spade, Sunnies: Franco Sarto, Lipstick: MAC Russian Red, Heels: ShoeDazzle, Sophia&Lee

So..it’s Friday and I haven’t posted all week! Ugh. My daughter started back to school this week and it’s just been a whirlwind. But. I did have time to do a bit of shopping and you’ll be seeing some of my new outfits in upcoming posts! 

Galilea Heels @ShoeDazzle.com

Galilea Heels @ShoeDazzle.com

Today’s post is all about the shoes. Part of my recent shopping involved quite the spree on ShoeDazzle! 

If you’re not familiar with Shoedazzle, it is a shoe club that allows you to buy very trendy shoes at a nicely discounted price! A win-win right!?!

There are a few rules. If you become a VIP member, you are charged a flat monthly fee of $39.95, all of which is applied to your future shoe purchases. You can also opt to “skip” a month if you do not want to contribute to your account that month but you have to remember to go onto their website and do so before the 5th of every month or you’re charged. 


*I forgot for about 6 months and had a few hundred dollars in my shoe bank that I didn’t really budget for originally. Whoops….

You also get 75% off your first item and free shipping if you’re a new customer. Thereafter, you got 10-25% off all full priced styles as well as additional sales. Shipping is always free to VIP members.

There are online stylists that recommend shoes to you based upon your preferences and a few designers that design lines exclusively for ShoeDazzle, such as Gwen Stefani’s brand GX and Rachel Zoe (who is their chief stylist).

I highly recommend the site, especially if you like unique, trendy and affordable styles!

If you’re looking for more conservative and long lasting shoes, this probably isn’t the site for you. Their shoes hold up well but aren’t the highest quality. However, I wear a lot of trendy looks and I like to buy what is trending at the moment so I have A LOT of shoes. I can’t afford to spend $50+ for every pair so Shoe Dazzle is a great place to get the style you want but at a heavily discounted price! 


Recently, the site ran a $20 sale and I scooped up 6 pairs of excellent heels and wedges! Today’s look showcases one of these buys.

Check out these gold beauties! Don’t you just love them?! Gold, strappy and block heeled…and oh so in the moment. They are surprisingly comfortable too! I thought they dressed up this black and white combo nicely! Check them out here!

Ta ta, my friends! Hope you have a most excellent weekend and I promise there is more to come! In the meantime…give ShoeDazzle a gander…you won’t regret it!






22 thoughts on “I’ve been bedazzled by ShoeDazzle…

    • Cara – I had the SAME experience. I actually tried to cancel my membership with them about a year ago but since I had money in my account they wouldn’t close it with a balance. Since that time, I’ve found a lot more of their shoes fit my style and I’m glad I kept the membership! xx..Cortneybre…

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