#TBT in Tweed

I never do throw back Thursdays but I thought it would be fun today to post a look from last year around this time.  I started my blog about a year ago and my first anniversary is drawing near.  

This post went up about a month after I started blogging and I was so excited to share this lovely tweed jacket that I’d recently purchased.

Tweed just never goes out of style in my opinion and you will probably be seeing this jacket again very soon…but in a new post and styled a new way!  

Happy Thursday, everyone!  xx…  


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22 thoughts on “#TBT in Tweed

  1. Love this outfit for the blend of textures and patterns. Any advice for those of us who can’t seem to get it right when pairing patterns?

    1. Great question! Yes…mixing patterns can be tricky…but I try to think of it as a fun experiment. Here are some rules I have for mixing patterns.
      *Choose patterns from the same color family or a complementing color family.* Divide your colors into warms, cools, pastels, primary colors, etc. I wrote a good post on using the color wheel and wearing bright colors.

      *Think of some patterns/textures as solids.* I usually treat small patterns or animal prints as neutrals. You can put them with anything as long as the colors are complimentary.

      *Don’t go too matchy-matchy.* I find that stripes or polka dots work well with floral prints. It’s tricky when you use too many geometric patterns at one time – example: chevron with stipes. The look is usally just too busy. Floral, paisley, lace, or abstract prints all work with geometric patterns. The two counterbalance each other but add depth to the outfit.

      *Space the patterns out if possible and add a neutral to your outfit.* I try to break up my patterns if possible by adding a neutral or dispersing the patterns throughout the outfit.

      *Don’t forget the jewelry!* Although it might seem like overkill at first, accessories really polish off the look. Without jewelry, the outfit can look unfinished or imcomplete.

      Hope this helps! I get a bit carried away with this sort of stuff. 🙂 xx…Cortneybre

      1. It does help! The interesting thing about this is I am into graphic design and everything you just described, from the neutrals to the color wheel. are all graphic design text book. It had never occurred to me the two are practically the same thing. Only difference is you wear your designs. 🙂

      2. I’m glad it helped! You are exactly right and it really is easier to plan outfits once you think of it in those terms. I actually have a pic of the color wheel in my closet and it helps takes some of the guesswork out of coordinating. Thank you for commenting on my post! I’m so glad we started following each other on Facebook too! xx..Cortney

    1. I’m sure you’ll look smashing! I wish I could find a matching skirt/jacket set in this…I’ll have to start looking in thrift stores. I know this was a big trend in the 80’s! xx..Cortneybre…

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