Springing Forward in a Floral Print…on Cortneybre…

 A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to go to a fun event hosted by my pals at I Am Purty!  I previously wrote a post on the event and had a blast attending!  I came away with a few cute baubles and enjoyed soaking up the sun!

Jacket: Kate Spade NY Blouse: GAP Jeans: JCREW Bag: Kate Spade NY Heels: BCBGeneration
Jacket: Kate Spade NY          Blouse: GAP
Jeans: JCREW          Bag: Kate Spade NY    Heels: BCBGeneration

 Let me just talk a little about this blazer…it’s one of my BEST Kate Spade finds.  Its actually part of a two piece set and I have a pair of ankle length pants that match in the same fabric.   I fell in love with the suit when it debuted on Kate Spade’s site and watched it for months and months, hoping to see it on sale.  Eventually, it was heavily discounted and I bought it immedialty.  I can’t wait to debut the entire outfit once Spring has Sprung a little more!  


For this event, I decided to go casual and dressed the blazer down with JCREW jeans and my Valentino-esque heels by BCBGeneration.

Aren’t they chic!  And so affordable!  

Here are some pics from the event!  Check out I Am Purty’s site here also!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  xx…








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11 thoughts on “Springing Forward in a Floral Print…on Cortneybre…

  1. I love Kate Spade! She makes gorgeous clothes and this blazer simply beautiful. I just attended a blogger event with Song of Style and Julia Hengel as guest speakers and had a blast! I think you would would have liked it but Im glad you had a great time at yours, what was that event for?

    1. Yes.. I’m obsessed with Kate Spade.. Obsessed and a happily broke! Lol.. Your event sounds fantastic! Mine was very fun.. More of a girls day out spa and accessories event but I met lots of great new people and bloggers. The fashion blogger community is great.. Everyone is very supportive and I’ve made friends from all over the world! I love your blog! Keep up the good work! xx.. Cortneybre.. 💖💖

      1. How fun! I would love to have a spa day like yours 💕 And yesss I couldn’t agree more! It really is a close community and Im constantly meeting new bloggers, I love it! And its great when I find blogs like yours, your style is awesome and you’re so sweet, thank you for checking out mine:) I’ll be looking forward to your next posts!!

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