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It’s October and for most of the people I know…it’s still hot enough to roast a pumpkin seed! 

LRM_EXPORT_100426100178618_20191005_202846483 Since it is unseasonably hot and summer is extending into Fall, that allows my summer wardrobe to extend itself as well.


I bought this fabulous and I mean FABULOUS dress from ZARA a few months ago.  It’s unavailable now…there was a version of it in black just a couple of weeks ago but it’s a goner too!  BUT…


The learning lesson with this dress was the understanding of the feel and look of the poplin fabric from ZARA!  There are plenty of new silhouettes of the moment on in this poplin fabric.  Check out my fave HERE at ZARA!


The silhouettes that are popular now..I’m sure you’ve seen…tiered or terraced over-sized and free form dresses…aren’t really my style.  I prefer more structure and a more classic look.  I’m glad I snagged this dress when I did!  Oh! and you’ll notice these fabulous bracelets I’m wearing…courtesy of a friend’s recent trip to India..they were perfect for this look!

In addition…I’m featuring one of my (many, lol) NamJosh headbands!  I LOVE this one…it’s a velveteen embroidered beautiful band and really changes the look of any outfit you pair it with!   Purchase similar HERE!

Dress: ZARA; Headband: NamJosh; Shoes: Jessica Simpson-DSW

Also…these shoes!  I had the sister pair on in a prior post and these are the black on black version!  They go with everything…and they garner tons of attention and easily look great with jeans or dresses!  Get them here!!

Dress: ZARA; Headband: NamJosh; Shoes: Jessica Simpson-DSW

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great week!!!

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