About Cortneybre…

Welcome to the style page for CortneyBre! 

A Southerner by birth, I’ve lived all over the country…from Florida to Chicago to my recent time as a Californian!

It was a blast bringing my East Coast, peachy flair to the Golden State! Now as a newly installed Georgian, once again, I’ll be bringing you weekly fashion inspiration and tips influenced by my many travels and experiences!

I initially started this fashion blog, as I love clothing,  design and all things beautiful.  Silhouettes, colors, fabrics, haute couture, texture…the elements of my world.

I was a young Southern girl in a small town when my mother ordered me a mail subscription to W magazine.  The biggest and glossiest magazine I’d seen was delivered to my rural mailbox – my mother’s Southern Living tucked snugly underneath.  It was life changing and opened my mind to how fashion is the external representation of an internal dialogue.  I’ve been speaking through fashion since that day.

My hope is to encourage others to express themselves through fashion & design.  I often find my clothing style serves as an inspiration for those around me to try something they would never consider.

My style is eclectic and typically encompasses lots of structured pieces, accessories and lots and lots of color  I love contrasting colors and anything that pops! Any one can wear any color…I find it hard to stick with rules although I do appreciate guidelines.

My posts consist of pieces from a variety of designers and stores.  I tend to buy what suits me and my look versus only buying name brand or designer clothing.  I love thrift store & vintage finds.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you!