Shirts I would buy if it were payday….

Happy Friday!  As the title of this post implies, I’m broke as a joke and therefore window shopping.  Or would that be “screen/monitor shopping”…regardless…I’m a’looking but I ain’t buying.

I am, however, filling my ASOS online shopping cart with items I would buy if I could possibly do so and still make my car payment this month.

Wanna see what I would get if I could get it!?

Okay…here goes…

This, my friends, is THE Fashion Blogger Sweat Shirt.  It is perfect in proportion and frankly..looks pretty comfy.  I totally think I could rock this with a brightly colored skirt….totally.

Obviously this shirt is a MUST.  In fact, I’d really expect ASOS to send this to me for free…it’s the least they could do considering my ASOS loyalty.

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

Next…the Pom Pom Shirt.  It’s a shirt.  It has pom poms.  Buy. it. now.  I guarantee everyone will compliment it but no one will replicate it.

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

The Mohair Plaid Sweater …I love the colors and plaid is SO in right now.  Beautiful, right?  If you were to buy the shirt and the skirt…it would be perfectly understandable.

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

Want work wear that is actually interesting?  Try this Lace Sleeved Shirt.  Very feminine but totally functional.  The look of layers without the bulk.  Beautiful.

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

This shirt is aptly named: Criminal Damage Sweatshirt.  I want it.  Really want it.  All I can think is Versace.  Versace for me.  If its criminal to want this shirt, I don’t wanna be right.   

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

And finally the Piece de Resistance..the Burn Out Florals Blouse.

Why do I love this so much you may ask?  Ever see the movie, Curse of the Golden Flower?  (If not..get to Google-ing and check the images…the yellow embroidered chrysanthemum flowers are reason enough to see the movie).

This shirt is the pink embodiment of that movie.  Its wearable art and it is beautiful.  I’d love to wear this over a fitted white button up and greet everyone with a nin hao!

Image from ASOS
Image from ASOS

Get out your credit cards my friends and get to shopping!  All of these lovely pieces are an additional 25% off at!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


How to have a Fabulous Friday…just add a pink bow, gem necklace and a little love!

Most people dress down on Fridays.  However, keep in mind…it’s the heralding of the weekend (after you finish that work day of course).   So…instead of dressing down on Fridays why not have a Fabulous Friday dressed up in your finest instead?!

001 collage (1)

Here are a few tips for having a Fabulous Friday!

  • Wear something shiny, shimmery…gem-y or glittery! 
  • Wear Pink! (and I don’t wanna hear anything from those ladies who don’t like pink…I know you’re out there…  but I’d rather pretend you’re not..shudder…)
  • Better yet, wear a pink bow!  (a double dose of delight!)
  • Mix your patterns! (take a risk or two or three…Fridays are for pushing the limits.  Plus, no one will remember what you wore on Friday when Monday rolls around anyway, right?!)
  • Love yourself and be a billboard for love!  (I’m wearing my love shirt today and I like to share the love.  Call it a subliminal message that I’m sending to all that see me!)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!  Cortneybre…

P.S…I must say that I had not imbibed a few cocktails before I took these shots…I look a bit rumpled but it was windy and cold here today!  Don’t let the sunshine fool you!  Cb….

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