An Illustrated Surprise….on Cortneybre…

This past Saturday, I woke as normal and stumbled down the stairs for coffee.  

As I stumbled about, I decided to check my Instagram, Twitter, WordPress and Facebook accounts (because that’s the MOST important thing to do first thing in the morning, of course!).  

While checking my Instagram account I found the following post from SAB Illustration:

I’ve been a follower of Shauna’s at SAB Illustration since stumbling upon her wonderful drawings a few months ago on Instagram.  

Each illustration is colorful, fun and captures the essence of the subject.

Imagine how flattered I was when she posted this fantastic rendering of one of my outfits!  

Shauna has an Etsy shop where she draws custom illustrations for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, shower’s – as well as designing company branding or stationary!

Aren’t they adorable!


Check out her Etsy shop here!


on Instagram here!

I want to thank Shauna for the beautiful rendering she did of me!  She truly made my day, week, month, year!  



Sarah Jessica Parker for Hallmark!


Well, SJP has been a busy, busy lady recently!  I popped into my local Hallmark Gold Crown store yesterday and stumbled upon her wonderful display of cards, stationery and bags.

SJP at Hallmark

SJP at Hallmark

Each card is a little work of art – so cute, witty and chic – featuring gemstones, ribbon, and tulle accents.  I seriously wanted to buy several of the cards to use as decoration in my work cubicle.  I especially liked that each card had its own unique look, pattern and illustration but each contributed to the look of the line as a whole.

The bags and boxes were beautiful too!  I couldn’t help but be selfish and think I could buy all of these little things for myself although they’re really meant as well wishes and presents for others.  Wouldn’t it be fab to get a pair of SJP shoes from her new collection in a SJP bag and with a SJP card as a present!

If you’re in need of a nice birthday card or just a fan of the beautifully printed, written word run by Hallmark and check it out!


For a Spring Walk down Park Ave…

For a Spring Walk down Park Ave...

Pull Bear crop top
$30 –

Christian louboutin shoes

I Got It!! The Ooh La La Large Bella Pouch by Kate Spade!

Ooh la la!  I just couldn’t resist this Kate Spade large pouch when I saw it pictured on their website.  It’s large enough for all the essentials – lipstick, credit cards and keys and totally Parisian chic!


Paris…Kate Spade Style

A dear friend of mine is going to Paris in a few weeks.  Despite the fact that I’m insanely jealous, I’m also insanely excited for her and can’t wait to hear all about her trip.  This friend also happens to love clothes and style as much as I and so when I saw this new ad from Kate Spade this morning I couldn’t help but think of her!

What a wonderful collection…the graphics, the colors, the shapes!  If I were going to Paris I think I’d be forced to buy at least one of the bags, shirts and dresses.  Would it be tacky to wear a Mon Amour top in Paris…or have Je ne sais quoi emblazoned across your chest?…surely non!


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