A New Day..casually…


So, I’m not really a casual dresser.  (But before I get into all that…get this Tory Burch bag HERE because you know its fabulous and casual and you want it!)…

Turtleneck: A New Day – Target; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Hair Clips; ASOS; Heels: Jessica Simpson-DSW; Belt: Chanel; Bag: Tory Burch


Confession: I only own one pair of jeans.  You’ll see them over and over again too unfortunately.  Fortunately, they’re really good jeans (I’m Lucky, what can I say, lol)…

Anyway, yeah…I’m not casual and I was thinking about that recently.  I follow a lot of Instagram style influencers and a lot of their posts are what I would deem “casual”.  

Turtleneck: A New Day – Target; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Hair Clips; ASOS; Heels: Jessica Simpson-DSW; Belt: Chanel

You know jeans, a cute sweater and the only thing different from yesterday is a new scarf or blazer.  I’m not knocking that or diminishing that style or those who love those simple outfits that fit perfectly into their everyday wear…far from it!  It actually got me to thinking that I need to put more casual outfits on the blog.  

Now, I’m not going to lie…I’d much rather wear a ballgown every single day of my life.  Flamboyant, bright, loud and hopefully designer are my go-to, every day goals, desires, dreams.  YOLO right?

Turtleneck: A New Day – Target; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Hair Clips; ASOS; Heels: Jessica Simpson-DSW; Belt: Chanel

But I’m learning to appreciate a more casual style.  And trying to find a way to basically be “ballroom casual”…jeans with a hint of something a little extra…a little special.  

Jeans: Lucky Brand; Heels: Jessica Simpson-DSW

Today’s look does just that.  It’s a very simple look.  I LOVE the mock turtleneck I have on from A New Day – Target (I’m realizing just how much I shop at Target these days!).  Check out the PERFECT turtleneck here!!

It’s hard to find a good turtleneck.  I like mine very fitting and layer-able.  

So casual look – jeans and a turtleneck – Check!  


But I added some “ballroom” elements…ASOS  large pearl snap hair clips (only $7.50!!), some cute heeled mules and a vintage Chanel belt!  

Continue to follow me as I attempt to be a little more casual but don’t be surprised if I slip in a ballgown now and then!

Cheers and Happy Monday!!

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Saturday Shopping – DSW ♥️♥️

DSW is running a great sale…just download their DSW app and start shopping!
15% off everything, 20% off $99 or 25% off $199!

These beauties were an additional 40% off plus I had VIP cash!
The great thing about these platforms is I can layer tights underneath and create a Winter look! Cortneybre ♥️♥️

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An Illustrated Surprise….on Cortneybre…

This past Saturday, I woke as normal and stumbled down the stairs for coffee.  

As I stumbled about, I decided to check my Instagram, Twitter, WordPress and Facebook accounts (because that’s the MOST important thing to do first thing in the morning, of course!).  

While checking my Instagram account I found the following post from SAB Illustration:

I’ve been a follower of Shauna’s at SAB Illustration since stumbling upon her wonderful drawings a few months ago on Instagram.  

Each illustration is colorful, fun and captures the essence of the subject.

Imagine how flattered I was when she posted this fantastic rendering of one of my outfits!  

Shauna has an Etsy shop where she draws custom illustrations for all occasions – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, shower’s – as well as designing company branding or stationary!

Aren’t they adorable!


Check out her Etsy shop here!


on Instagram here!

I want to thank Shauna for the beautiful rendering she did of me!  She truly made my day, week, month, year!  


A Floral Kate Spade Suit…on Cortneybre…

This suit was love at first sight…


Suit: Kate Spade NY Cami: Worthington at JCPENNEY Heels: BCBGeneration Necklace: TJMaxx (no brand) Clutch: Made by Cortneybre…

Yes..it’s bright and busy – and just so lovely!  I’ve worn both pieces – blazer and pants – separately but this was the first time I’d paired them together.

The result was everything I’d hoped!

Eye-catching and interesting…a real conversation starter!  

Isn’t the pattern lovely!?!

One of the reasons I love Kate Spade SO much is the brand’s whimsical and outside-of-the-box approach to fashion.

The clothing is visually stunning…living, walking art!

Hope you are having a great week!  For more Cortneybre, check me out on Instagram – @Cortneybreblog!