Have You Heard? Affordable, Glamorous and Beautiful Jewelry at T+J Designs!

I’m always looking for beautiful accessories to add to my collection. I just adore JCREW’s jewelry but often find it’s very expensive, even if I catch it on sale or discounted.

In my search for affordable but glamorous standout pieces, I stumbled upon T+J Designs.  T+J is a website that sells fashion jewelry and fashion accessories.  It was founded by sisters Tiffany and Jen (hence T+J Designs) and features trendy, well made, and unique jewelry and accessories.  Their jewelry is very stylish and has been featured in many fashion magazines including InStyle, Oprah, TheKnot and Redbook.

What really makes the company stand out is they feature real bloggers wearing the jewelry on their website!  Who better to style, represent, model and recommend fashionable jewelry but real life, style bloggers?!  

Tiffany and Jen also have their own blogs, which are great, and the T+J Designs site features a blog as well.  On the blogs, you can pick up style inspiration, follow fashion trends and see their jewelry styled for every day wear.

In addition, the T+J Designs site features a We Love Bloggers section, devoted to bloggers only!  You can apply to partner with T+J as well as be featured on their website.  I’m so impressed with a company that not only offers beautiful and affordable, quality products but supports the fashion blogging community!

Now my dilemma is picking which items I’d like to purchase as I want everything I see!  If you join the T+J mailing list you receive 20% off your first order, plus any order over $20.00 gets free shipping.  I’ve highlighted a few pieces that caught my eye and included links in case you’re interested in them also.  Be sure to check out www.tandjdesigns.com for more fabulous jewelry!  Cortneybre…

Find Luxe Wing Crystal Earrings here

Find Luxe Medallion Emerald Green Necklace here

Find Gold Pave Disc Knuckle Ring here

Find Antique Brooch Neon Deco Necklace here

Chanel – Black & White & Just So Right …Inspired by Chanel

Who wouldn’t be inspired by Chanel?  It’s a name synonymous with classic style, effortless beauty and sophistication.

Image: 1stDibs.com
Image: 1stDibs.com

Today’s post is inspired by an image I saw on 1stDibs.com.  I typically do not buy white shoes but this pair of Chanel heels caught my eye and how I wish I could purchase them!  To me these shoes whisper of undiscovered alleyways in Paris and lingering kisses in the night air before tip toeing away into a chic hotel.  Inspiring indeed!  Au Revior!  Cortneybre…

Blouse: Worthington Skirt: DH Styles Shoes: Chanel Jacket: Monteau Jewelry: Bealles
Blouse: Worthington
Skirt: DH Styles
Shoes: Chanel
Jacket: Monteau
Jewelry: Bealles

The Battle of the Kate Spade Belt…

Several months ago I bought the perfect belt.  In fact, for me, it was the Holy Grail of belts.  The heavens parted, birds sang and a soft golden glow emanated from its clasp.  And I found it on sale…ahhhAHHHahhhh…

Enter a bright pink, leather bow belt by Kate Spade.  (See, told you it was intimidating).

After I brought my purchase home, I soon realized the sad truth – no outfit was good enough for this belt.  After several failed attempts, where I removed the belt in exasperation as I headed out the door to start my day, I started to feel as if I would never wear this fabulous find.

I tried the belt with everything but to no avail.  Defeated, I hung my head as I hung the belt up in my closet.  Week after week, I stared longingly at the belt, hanging in my closet with its promises of Kate Spade happiness galloping just out of my grasp.

I finally realized the sad and ridiculous truth – this belt had gotten the best of me.  It had psyched me out, intimidated me, said in its snotty little voice “You can’t wear ME with that” and I wasn’t gonna take it anymore!

So last night I resigned myself to stand up like the fasionista that I am and find something suitable for this…this…accessory!

And so I did find a nice neutral black skirt and blouse to pair with it.  I think the outfit works.  I’ve even gotten several compliments on my ensemble today.

One of the hardest fashion battles I’ve faced has come to an end and victory looks divine.

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Falconwright Clutch Purses…Oh So Smashing!

I’d been looking for a large leather clutch purse forever.  I’d searched the internet and found a few for sale that were acceptable but not smashing.  I want EVERYTHING I BUY to be smashing.  Why buy small with you can buy BIG?!  If I’m devoting the time and money to searching and purchasing something, I’d like it to be special.  Mediocre doesn’t take extra time, effort or talent.

Mediocre can be bought in multiples.

So I was looking for a smashing clutch!  But, what exactly are these purses called?  Clutch bags? Pouches? Oversized Clutch Purse with Large Zipper?  After multiple days of searching and multiple key word combinations, I stumbled upon a wonderful website called Falconwright.  They offer a wonderful collection of affordable screen printed leather goods which are handmade by the founders of the site, Sandi Falconer and Danielle Wright.  Their collections are quirky and cute and oh! so smashing!

I’ve posted three of my fave clutches as today’s picture post.  Check out more of Falconwright’s collection at www.falconwright.com!  Cortneybre…


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