ASOS…I love you so….

This is not a poodle skirt! I repeat, it’s not a poodle skirt!  

Obviously, I’ve gotten that comment several times today. No…instead it’s quite the find from ASOS and I hate to say….it’s sold out. However, let me be the first (or perhaps the one hundredth) to regale you with the virtues of ASOS.


#1: They offer unusual and trendy styles

#2: They offer unusual and trendy styles at affordable prices (with tons of sales too!) 

#3: They have a wonderful “Fashion Finder” section with Style news, style inspiration, blogger style challenges and a “create-a-style” builder!

 #4: Free shipping for orders over $25 (as if anyone would not spend over $25!)

 #5: Their Marketplace site offers unique and vintage pieces from independent boutiques from around the world!


So now you know how much I love ASOS. Just based on this skirt alone, I’d love it!

Today’s look pairs the ASOS pink, midi scuba skirt with an Ann Taylor shirt (yes, it does say “love” on it but if one must have something scrawled across one’s boobs, let it be “love”), MIA heels and my Chloe+Isabel torsade necklace.

Add a twirl and you’re ready for the day!




Skirting the Rules…

Hello friends…how’s your Hump Day treating ya? Mine is about the same…but I must say that the weather is fine and I’m enjoying being out and about.

Today’s look is sort of nautical (blue stripes) but in Technicolor (yellow, orange and coral). I wanted to be casual but not bland and I think the bright colors really popped against my blue and white striped top.

I was SO excited to wear my Terrace Blooms statement necklace from Chloe+Isabel today also!  It is a beautiful statement necklace and fits perfectly with any Spring or Summer look!  Shop here at my boutique!

I also wore my fave pair of flats (although I actually own just a few pairs of flats since heels are my preference).

Hope you’re having a great week so far! Cortneybre…