A Paper Clip is Not a Bobby Pin…Sock Bun Disaster


With all this crap weather we’re having, not only has my skin and photography suffered but also my hair. This morning, I decided to take the extra time to “sock bun” my hair…which in my mind instantly turns me into Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Once I got the sock in, hair wound and bobby pins placed…voila..perfection! Off to work am I, only a few minutes late due to the excessive sock bunning and thinking my hair will stay the perfect bun that it is meant to be.

Until. One. Bobby. Pin. Fails.

Yep…just one. I felt it sliding and before I could stop it the entire bun collapsed. Its like a high-rise demolition. Once that first charge is detonated – Ka BOOM – disaster!

So, I set to re-sock bunning my tresses and it was almost in place until I realized I was somehow missing a bobby pin. Or rather, in my bunning, I’d somehow used one too many bobby pins and was now one short. One handedly I searched my desk, purse, lipstick bag (yes I have a bag just for lipstick that I carry at all times – another post, another day)….NO bobbie pin. Not One. AHHHHHHHHHRRRRG! Wait…wait…could a paper clip work? Why yes, that’s it..a paper clip will do the trick. It holds paper..can’t it hold my hair?

Well, that went as well as you’d expect. I tried the paper clip but it didn’t hold and was a bastard to get out. I’ve managed to get a decent sock bun back up and I’m hoping it will hold if I don’t move my head AT ALL and walk very slowly. This is actually a good thing; I needed to work on my posture.


and for a little eye candy…I needed a treat for all that hard work…

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