Layering…Stripes on Stripes…on Cortneybre…

I love this dress.  It’s comfortable and very versatile.  I’ve worn this dress as a.. uh.. dress.. but also as a skirt and a shirt – during winter and summer.  It dresses up nicely but also looks great with a jean jacket or sandals.

Dress: ELLE (Kohl's) Blouse: Bisou, Bisou (JCP) Shoes: Mossimo (Target) Necklace: Bealles Sunnies - ColeHaan Bag: Kate Spade NY
Dress: ELLE (Kohl’s)   Blouse: Bisou, Bisou (JCP)  Shoes: Mossimo (Target)  Necklace: Bealles
Sunnies – ColeHaan  Bag: Kate Spade NY

I had a friend approach me the other day about wearing patterns together.  “Is that too much of a good thing?” and all that jazz.  I think anything’s possible when it comes to fashion.  I’ve had outfits that should have worked but didn’t and I’ve had outfits that seemed like crazy visions in my mind until I pulled them together and reaped complimentary rewards.

So, my answer to her was “I dunno…I’d just have to see it”.  Probably not the most helpful, but my greater message was to take the chance, throw caution to the wind and try it on!


I decided to take my own advice on today’s outfit.  I love stripes.  I could wear stripes every day and feel blissfully myself.  Perhaps it’s the duality of the colors, the contrast of the hues which reflects my own inner conflicts and duality.  Quite deep thoughts for my shallow mind!  Regardless of my adoration, I do so love stripes of all combinations and hues.

I took my beloved striped dress and added another equally fancied striped shirt (by Bisou Bisou and on sale at JCP right now…in case you’re interested) and combined the two.  Voila!  A completely new look from and old favorite!  

I’m now contemplating other pattern on pattern looks.  Florals on florals, polka dots on polka dots, plaid on plaid.  The possibilities are endless.  That’s a nice thought too.  I like endless possibilities.

Have a great day my lovely readers, one and all!..xoxo…Cortneybre…

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Friday… Stripes and Silk

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Ahhhh……its Friday.  Finally.  Yes, it’s been a long week for me but the day of redemption is finally here.  I’m ready to jump heels first into the weekend!

Today’s outfit features my new fave top by Bisou Bisou.

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It’s a very versatile, black and white, stretchy top I bought recently at JC Penney.  The most wonderful aspect of the top is its cool, abstractly cut bottom but as the top is tucked in today, I’ll have to feature that in a future post.

I’m actually a little ashamed of wearing the top again today as I wore it last week and weekend – once with a skirt and once with jeans.  It just looks so great with everything that I keep finding different ways to style it.  (I know…I’ll stop whining). 🙂

Paired with the top is a beautiful, Kate Spade, silk, fuchsia skirt.  I battled to win this skirt on eBAY and I’m so thankful I won!  From its delicate detailing to its flaming fuchsia hue, it’s a show stopper.

Top: Bisou Bisou Skirt: Kate Spade Heels: Mossimo Necklace/Earrings: Bealles Watch: Kate Spade Shades: Colehaan
Top: Bisou Bisou
Skirt: Kate Spade
Heels: Mossimo
Necklace/Earrings: Bealles
Watch: Kate Spade
Shades: Colehaan

Hope you have a great weekend and happy Friday!  Cortneybre…

Psssttt….Also, don’t forget the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection debuts today at Nordstrom….I’m planning on some online shopping this evening.  Online “window shopping” at least…