Ritzy Gold & Charming Cheetah – Dressing for Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday…what to wear Monday….every week I have this problem!

Today I decided to combine the bleakness of “Munday” with the hopefulness of a new week.

What better way to do this than to wear black and gold?  Black with its somber, mourning tone and gold with its glitter and promise of prosperity!

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I threw in a cheetah print wedged heel for added pizzazz.  Have a great week!  Cortneybre…

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Into the Wild…

I’m wearing one of my favorite looks in today’s post – Animal Prints. These types of prints can be tricky as they really make a statement and will typically need to be paired with more simple items.

I found these particular pants at Target and was amazed at how versatile they were! They are actually capri pants and I usually wear them with cute wedge heels but I realized I can also wear them with boots as more of a riding pant.

To keep this look “work friendly”, I wore a simple black blouse and black, velveteen jacket. This shifted the focus to the pants without bringing too much attention to the more exotic print. Animal prints – sophisticated, chic, cool and memorable!


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