Drag Showpalace Chic…

Me and one of the lovely ladies of Lips!
Me and one of the lovely ladies of Lips!

Ohh…I had such a GREAT weekend!  Saturday night I took a group of friends out to a local drag show.  It’s actually a drag showpalace….filled with opulence, glitter, LOTS of mirrors and all of the camp décor you’d expect from a night club called Lips.  In one word…fabulous! 

Maybe it was all of the glitter…the 6+ feet tall women sauntering about in serious stage makeup and hair…the multiple suspended disco balls reflecting the glitz and glam..I don’t know….but I seriously LOVED it!    

Stage Decor!
Stage Decor!

During dinner we were serenaded by lip-synching ladies who traveled around the floor taking pictures with guests and giving the audience quite the show. 

By my second drink…aptly named Kick the Bit*h to the Curb, I was out of my seat and turning in circles Abba “Dancing Queen” style to Adele’s “We Could Have Had It All”. 

Mr. Charlie Brown was our host and she brought the house down with her rendition of Oleta Adams’ “Get Here”.  It was campy, kitschy and risqué…and the audience loved it.   

One of the takeaways from the night was how confident and comfortable these men were as women.  They were more confident in platform heels and corsets than many of the women I know are in heels and skirts. 

They showed their figures and weren’t afraid to flaunt.  It made me stand a little straighter and appreciate my “assets” a little more.  I’ve always enjoyed being a girl and now a woman.  I don’t think I revel in it enough though.  We women are special creatures.  How ironic that going to a drag show made me appreciate my femininity.   

Me being silly with one of the ladies!
Me being silly with one of the ladies!  I had a few too many drinks so hence..the silly face!

So…now to what I wore.  Sadly, most of the audience dressed down for the show.  I intended to take this opportunity to dress up because if you can’t dress flamboyantly for a drag show..well when can you!? 

I took the pics below the day after the show so that the lighting was better.  I also toned down the look a bit (less bling) and hair up.  This altered the look slightly but made it more work appropriate.  I love the versatility of this dress! 

Dress: Kate Spade Saturday Shoes and Clutch: Kate Spade NY Tights: Merona Glasses: Franco Sarto Bracelet/earrings: Bealles
Dress: Kate Spade Saturday  Shoes and Clutch: Kate Spade NY  Tights: Merona  Glasses: Franco Sarto
Bracelet/earrings: Bealles

The dress I’m wearing is by Kate Spade Saturday.  It’s subtle but flashy…a strong and structured neoprene.  I adore the cut of this dress.  It’s structured in all the right places and fits like a glove.  I recently bought it for a very discounted price at Marshall’s so if you’re interested…check out your local store!

I actually was accidentally Kate Spade branded in head to toe..the shoes and the clutch are also Kate Spade NY.   I thought “Great Expectations” was an appropriate message for the night and ours were certainly fulfilled!  

Add a statement necklace and a polka-dotted bangle and I was set for the night!  

This dress is a lesson that you don’t have to dress loudly to dress well and be noticed.  One of the ladies at the show even told me to “werk it, girl!”.  That made my night!  

If you’re looking for a great night out and are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I highly recommend Lips!!  I plan on heading back there for my birthday in a few months!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!  xoxo….

A Casual Look…for a day at the movies…

Well this is my belated Monday post…because Mondays will be Mondays and mine have been over-the-top lately!

Jeans/Blouse: JCREW Necklace: Chloe+Isobel Sunnies: Franco Sarto Watch/Bracelet/Bag: Kate Spade Heels: Kathy Van Zeeland
Jeans/Blouse: JCREW  Necklace: Chloe+Isobel  Sunnies: Franco Sarto  Watch/Bracelet/Bag: Kate Spade
Heels: Kathy Van Zeeland

But let’s forget Monday…in fact let’s drift back to Sunday…my daughter and I spent a fabulous day Sunday visiting the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia.  During the Summer, the Fox offers showings of iconic films of days gone by. 

We opted for a midday showing of Mary Poppins, which included a “sing-a-long”.  Who knew singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with an audience of a few hundred people could be so fun! 

Before the show, we explored the beautiful Fox Theater, which was originally built as a Shrine Temple but instead opened as a lavish movie theatre in 1929.


It is quite a sight to behold with its Moorish design and beautifully rendered Egyptian styling.  My daughter and I had fun exploring the exterior of the theatre and snapping a few shots for the blog along the way!

Something interesting to note is that I’m wearing jeans in this post.  I do believe I’ve only written one other post that consists of jeans…out of about 160 posts! 

These happen to be a fave pair of mine and, along with the shirt, I’m wearing JCREW jeans (listed here) and a JCREW blouse.  (find it here and on sale!).  I dressed it up with a statement necklace (Chloe+Isobel here) and a pair of cheetah kitten heels (old but similar here!   Well…I must away..spit, spot!…Cortneybre…