Fully Vested In Faux Fur….

Cortneybre holiday 1I’m casual today and sporting layers since the weather can’t seem to make up its mind! 

One day it’s cold here and the next it’s 70 degrees!  I’m following the faux fur fashion trend and wearing my faux fur vest.  I bought this vest last year from Bedford Cottage and although I LOVED it…I struggled with styling it.


For some reason, I always paired it with browns and cream – which are not colors I typically wear – and usually didn’t quite have the right pieces to go with it.

Vest: Bedford Cottage Blouse and Pants: Cynthia Rowley Sunnies: Guess Earrings: Tahari Boots: Tahari Necklace: Chloe+Isabel
Vest: Bedford Cottage
Blouse and Pants: Cynthia Rowley
Sunnies: Guess
Earrings: Tahari
Boots: Tahari
Necklace: Chloe+Isabel

I recently brought it back out to wear this season and decided to take a good look at the colors to see if I could style it differently.

I was quite surprised when I realized the vest actually isn’t brown and cream but black and white! 

I wanted a bold and riche look so I chose a black and white animal print Cynthia Crowley blouse with red Cynthia Crowley pants and black Tahari boots – all from Marshalls I might add.

Shop a look similar to mine below! Or visit your closest Marshalls store…I know they still have the Tahari boots in stock!


Pants:  Previously purchased at Marshalls but love these also!

Blouse:  Previously purchased at Marshalls but love this one from Nordstrom also!

Vest: Love this one from Bedford Cottage!

Boots: Tahari Billings Riding Boot – currently on sale at Marshalls!  Also possibly available at your local DSW – check here!

Necklace: Chloe + Isabel Torsade Necklace – available here also!

Bag: Iconoclast by Kate Spade – Sold out …so sad…but similar Kate Spade NY here!

A Crowd Pleaser…in Kate Spade Saturday

Dress: Kate Spade Saturday Bag: Kate Spade New York Heels: Mossimo Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Dress: Kate Spade Saturday  Bag: Kate Spade New York  Heels: Mossimo  Sunnies: Franco Sarto

Fall has descended upon my little town like a wet, soggy blanket of gloom.  It’s hard to be upbeat with day after day of cloudy, rainy skies and dreary winds.  Plus, it makes taking a good outfit post almost impossible.

It was on one of these gloomy days last week that I shot this look.  I’m in LOVE with the dress btw…although it was a love/hate relationship at first.  It’s Kate Spade Saturday and I found it heavily discounted at Marshall’s.  (I’ve basically bought all of their KS Saturday wear that I could squeeze into).

So.  This dress…oh this dress!  I will be honest that I put it on…took it off…put it on again….found my Spanx…took it off.  Thought about it for a couple of hours.  Put on my tights …put it back on….and finally decided, “what the hell”, I’m wearing it tomorrow.

Why the hesitation, you may ask?  Well…it’s short…and shorter than I’d typically wear to work which, for me, is where I am most of the time.  So…if it won’t “work” for work, then it won’t work at all.  Aside from the fact that it’s short…it’s also very fitted and getting past the shortness of the skirt was further complicated by the fitted look of the dress.

Obviously…after all of my indecisiveness, I chose to wear the dress anyway. The result:  happily, the dress was a success and I’m happy I kept it!  (I won’t be indulging in any sweets anytime soon if I wish to continue wearing it but that’s a battle best fought later).

Back to my gloomy, no good, very bad day.  (This all ties together I promise).

Picture me…standing on a busy corner, my photographer snapping away and me trying to look posh, long and lean while internally praying it doesn’t rain and/or we don’t get accosted by homeless people.  As I’m switching up my pose, I hear whoops and hollers in the distance and as the noise gets closer…guess who it is??

That’s right.  A bus load (and I mean…every seat is filled) of convicts.  (I’m sure that was your first guess…).  

I’d like to think they weren’t violent criminals…perhaps just day traders caught for embezzling or something but I’m sure a mixture of the general prison population was contained in this little capsule of delight.

So..they cat called and yelled although I didn’t hear anything profane or inappropriate.  After one of them started to yell “werk it, girl” (remember…that’s the same thing the drag queen told me the other night..coincidence..perhaps)..I just lost it.  

Hence the picture below.  

When they finally pulled away from the red light, I waved and they all cheered and thankfully drove on their merry way…back to jail, I’m sure.  

So…I guess this dress was a hit?  With the incarcerated crowd at least! 

******Outfit Details******

Dress: Kate Spade Saturday – go to Marshall’s and buy it before it’s too late!  

Bag: Kate Spade NY…while you’re at Marshall’s looking for the dress search for this bag also!  I found it at half its original price!  Love this one too!

Heels: Mossimo for Target but similar here by Tory Burch!

Earrings:  Tahari but love these at Tory Burch also!

******     ******   ******

Hope you’re having a great week!  xx…