Business in the Front….

Hope you guys and gals are having a great Friday! I decided to change my look a bit today. In fact, I’m not sure how I could have changed it more as I slicked back my hair, wore pants (I don’t do that a lot!), didn’t wear a necklace and forgot my engagement ring (by accident!). 

So, today’s look is alll…”Business in the front….but party in the back”. Actually…the party in the back I’m referring to is that I’ve lost the ombre and went back to my original red hair. Or as original as a box of Revlon hair color could make it. It’s still a bit brighter than my original hair color…but I like that too. 

This suit is one of my faves – always garners a lot of compliments…especially from men. Guess they appreciate a good suit! I like that it’s understated and simple but crisp.

Why does one feel just a bit more self-important when buttoning up a suit jacket? I feel a little bit more “in charge” in this suit. Often when I wear my normal attire (think something pink, frilly or girly) I feel a little bit vulnerable. This suit is like a piece of armor. I’m a powerhouse…and I’m coming your way. 

The suit is by JCREW and even though I purchased it a few years ago, I highly recommend their current line of suits and business wear. Their stretch wool suits are particularly fine.  Check them out here

 What I’m Wearing:

  • Suit: JCREW
  • Button up Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Heels: Kate Spade
  • Bag: Kate Spade
  • Scarf accent: Cejon
  • Sunnies: Franco Sarto 

Hope you have a great weekend! Xoxo..Cortneybre…

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Palm Prints…A Summer Staple!

Happy Thursday dear readers! Today’s post features a true summer staple – palm leaf print!

Jacket: Joie Camisole: Worthington Sunnies: Franco Sarto Pants: Banana Republic Heels: Ralph Lauren Belt: JCREW Watch/Bag: Kate Spade
Jacket: Joie  Camisole: Worthington  Sunnies: Franco Sarto  Pants: Banana Republic  Heels: Ralph Lauren
Belt: JCREW  Watch/Bag: Kate Spade

I found this cute Joie blazer at a boutique when visiting Florida before we boarded for our cruise. I have been searching for something in palm print but everything I’d seen was just too busy or work inappropriate and not flexible. Then I stumbled upon this cool linen blazer! 

It’s work friendly and can be dressed up or down. To transition it to work wear, I added a pair of white linen Banana Republic trousers and brown, leather Ralph Lauren heels.


It dresses down so nicely too with white shorts (scalloped are my fave) and a white crop top too!


I can’t wait to coordinate it with either royal blue or red…I thought my yellow Kate Spade bag really worked well with it also!

 Hope you’re having a great week!  xx…Cortneybre…

What I’m Wearing:

Joie Mehira Blazer – Check out the blazer here or similar here !

Pants: Banana Republic – similar here

Bag: Kate Spade (of course!) – Old but love this one!

Heels: Ralph Lauren – Love these!

Necklace:  Chloe + Isabel – torsade necklace

Not Quite 50…Shades of Gray

I’m wearing a gray ensemble today….it’s not a reflection of my mood I must add…rather it is what came together as I pulled together my outfit this hurried morn. While I’m not wearing 50 shades of gray (no…nothing that exciting happening…), I am wearing 5 shades of gray ranging from pewter to metallic and a few shades in between. 

I think the not so “matchy-matchy” shades actually add texture and definition and the outfit most likely would have looked very uniform had the colors matched exactly. So..yay!….it worked and I was able to add a splash of color with my bright pink Kate Spade belt.

Speaking of Kate Spade (do you know how many conversations I’ve begun this way…), in case you didn’t see my Saturday quick pic post, I was fortunate enough to travel the 3 hours round trip to a Kate Spade outlet store! In honor of me, as Mother’s Day is approaching, my wonderful hubby gifted me with a little shopping spree at this wonderful store and I was much obliged to take advantage of his gift as soon as possible! 

After I looked at everything at least 5 times and picked up/put down several bags, I decided upon this lovely bag you see in the pictures before you. I think it is just wonderful! Structured and neutral but feminine and just a teensy bit “Celine-eque” in shape. Plus it was outlet priced and on sale for 40% off! 

I must confess I bought two other bags and a cute bracelet also but more about them in a future post! Hope you’re having a great day! Xoxo…Cortneybre…

Buy it here!

Necklace: Chloe + Isabel! Check me out at!

Search Multi-Strand Signature Torsade Necklace

Watch & Belt: Kate Spade – Find the belt here! (Love the other colors in this belt also!)

Bag: Kate Spade – Similar here but sold out! Check Kate Spade outlets near you!

Skirt: Worthington – Old but similar here!

Shoes: Victoria Spencer – Old but but love these!

Shirt: Banana Republic – Similar here!

Cardigan: Worthington  – Similar here!


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I’m so excited to be nominated for my first blogger award!

Many thanks to Wilmke at W In Wonderland for nominating me. It means so much! Check out her beautiful blog at!

The Rules…

Part of receiving the award is to keep paying the love forward with the following rules:

  1.  A BIG “thank you” to one that nominated you, and link to his or her blog (again, thanks Wilmke at W In Wonderland!)

     2.  Share 7 facts about yourself with your followers.

My Facts…

Hmmmm….let’s see…here we go!

  • I’ve always been a fashion lover! The only two times (yes, 2…I was a really well behaved kid!) I got in *real* trouble when I was a small child was when I literally fell in the floor with a temper tantrum over 1) a pair of pink cowboy boots and 2) a pair of red patent leather shoes.
  • I’m a natural redhead but have sported purple highlights. If I worked in a business setting that allowed less conservative hair-colors, I’d definitely have lavender or light pink highlights now.
  • I’m obsessed with Kate Spade and my dream job would be to work for the company as a merchandiser or designer.
  • I’m originally from Georgia but moved around the country quite a bit after college before returning home to the Peach state.
  • I love heels and wear them every day. I can run in heels if the situation arises. I think sneakers (or tennis shoes as we say in the South) are for working out ONLY. <I’m not digging the designer tennis shoe trend!>
  • Cortney is my first name and Bre my middle name. I’ve never used my middle name until I started this blog. Now people refer to me as Cortneybre and I like to think of it as my blogger superhero name.
  • Hairstyling is not my forte. Most of my posts feature me with my ponytail. I prefer my hair long but wear it up most of the time. I’m amazed at the talented bloggers and their hairstyling techniques!

Recognition of Others…Sharing the love…

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I nominate the fifteen bloggers listed below! Honestly, there are so many talented bloggers that I greatly admire that it was hard to limit my list to 15. These are just a few of my faves!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  xoxo…Cortneybre…