Feeling the Fall…

It’s New York Fashion Week…and I’m not there.  Yes…I’m wallowing in my self pity.  Yes….I will continue to live vicariously through the lives of those lucky enough to actually BE in NY.  and Yes…I will continue to whine about it.  

In the meantime…I’m working on my fall transitioning.  This is actually my first fall transition while blogging as I started the blog last November and it’s proving to be a lot of work! 

First there’s the issue that our Southern weather doesn’t realize it’s fall transition time.  My hopes of fall like landscapes on September 2nd did not materialize.  This translates into my sweaters, cardigans and boots being juxtaposed against a sea of people sporting flip flops, tank tops and Victoria’s Secret “Angel” shorts (gasp).  

No matter..I shall soldier on until everyone else catches up….or at least bundles up!  Yep.  That’s me…always ahead of the trend and all.  And wearing boots when it’s 90+ degrees outside!

Dress: LOFT Boots: NineWest Bag: Kate Spade Necklace: Bealles Belt: Gap Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Dress: LOFT
Boots: NineWest
Bag: Kate Spade
Necklace: Bealles
Belt: Gap
Sunnies: Franco Sarto

Another surprising hardship of fall transitioning is deciding which clothes are still applicable versus those that definitely need to go to my Spring/Summer closet.  This has resulted in a clothing tornado in my closet, bedroom and bathroom and is threatening to take out my other bedrooms as well.  I will (said with determination) conquer this issue this weekend but for now…it’s driving me crazy!  


Well..enough of my transition woes.  In the words of the late, great Joan Rivers…who am I wearing?!

Today’s dress is from last season’s line at Ann Taylor LOFT.  You can find a very similar dress at The LIMITED and I’m verrrrry tempted to buy a couple of those – one in red and one in yellow.  If I hadn’t blown a few hundred today at JCREW and Boden , I’d be purchasing them right now…but I digress.  If you do like the look, check out these at The LIMITED here.


The boots I’m wearing are by Nine West and I must admit I love this brand!  If you’re looking for durable but chic and trendy (and affordable) boots for the winter, look no further as Nine West has a fab. u. lous collection.  Check it out here!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

Cortneybre Chanel