Violets are Blue…Gingham & Floral Prints

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With the Polar Vortex upon us, I decided to dress in layers today. I usually determine my outfits by picking one piece that I definitely want to wear and coordinating around it. This tactic was used in picking out today’s ensemble.

I brought out this blue and violet cardigan which really doesn’t get enough credit for being so pretty. I realized last night how versatile it was when I found at least 5 different outfits that I could build from this one piece!

In order to stay warm and give my poor legs and feet a break from the Arctic wind, I decided on pants instead of a skirt. I also was pleasantly surprised that the cardigan paired so well with a blue and white gingham shirt from Old Navy. Add a grey and blue crystal bib necklace and I was ready for a chilly Monday.

Of course, as I was working in my closet, I neglected to watch the weather and its 50 degrees here today. Egads! Snow is predicted for tomorrow though….and I’ll probably wear a skirt. Take THAT Mother Nature! Xoxo.. Cortneybre..

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