When Life Gives You Lemons…a Lemon Print Shirt on Cortneybre…


There is an old saying…when life gives you lemons…make lemonade.  I’ve recently been handed a lemon…and while I don’t want to go into too much detail until I know more, I will admit it’s gotten me down a bit.

In an effort to comfort myself, I decided to go shopping – my go-to retail therapy approach that usually perks me back up.  While shopping at Belk – one of my fave stores – and perusing their isles I saw this cute and whimsical lemon print shirt by Jones and Company.


It was a sign from the universe…

lemons1…and it made me feel much, much better.  My spirits lifted just a little.  


So into my buggy it went and onto my body the next day!  I thought this bright green LouenHide bag was the perfect match!


I topped the lemon print off with a lace overlay blouse from LOFT and added a cute and flirty skirt from JCREW.


I hope you’re having a great week!  xx…


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nvy skirtlemonshirt

lace top

green bag

ShoeDazzle Part Deux…Holding on to Summer..

Jacket: Cynthia Rowley Blouse: Gap Skirt: JCREW Shoes: Madison @ShoeDazzle.com Necklace: Chloe+Isobel Earrings: Bealles Watch & Bag: Kate Spade NY
Jacket: Cynthia Rowley  Blouse: Gap  Skirt: JCREW  Shoes: Madison @ShoeDazzle.com  Necklace: Chloe+Isobel
Earrings: Bealles  Watch & Bag: Kate Spade NY  Bracelet: JCREW  Sunnies: Franco Sarto

Hope everyone is having a superb Wednesday!  I woke up this morning and realized that Summer is slipping away.  The realistic part of me is actually quite happy about that.  No more sweaty, stifling days getting in and out of a hot car or slathering on sun screen just to go outside for a moment.  The fashion blogger side of me is quite panicked though as I must ensure I wear all of my summer items before Fall arrives!  Yeah..I know #FashionBloggerProblems. 

Still…I’m hanging on to Summer…even if the Fall style issues are out next month and everything will soon become sweaters, boots and not a shred of skin will be showing.  With that being said….today’s post is all about the sunshine!  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read about my major shoe score from ShoeDazzle a few weeks ago.  I’ve only debuted one of the 8 or 9 (sad that I can’t remember, isn’t it) pairs of shoes I purchased.  Today pair number two comes out to play. 

I’ve always loved a good wedge.  I know I have nothing new to say about the many, many attributes of the wedge.  No…alas all has been said before and much more eloquently than I could pen..er…type.  However, let’s just say they are a girl’s best friend…adding height and lengthening the body while adding evenly distributed support! 

ShoeDazzle featured these sunny yellow, basket weaved wedges a couple of months ago and I’ve had my eye on them for some time.  They’re made by Madison and come in combinations of white/yellow and black/pink. 

I couldn’t make up my mind which I like best…so I bought both.  

Love, love, love these wedges!  Cute and comfy and just different enough to garner attention without being too overstated.  

I paired them with a white on white look…white shirt, white skirt and white jacket.  I also added a pair of dainty yellow earrings to distribute the color and a silver and pearl necklace for some shine. 

Check out these shoes here!  

Now…for the bag.  Yes…it’s Kate Spade.  And yes….it’s so hot it’s cool.  What says Summer more than Palm Springs!? Love it, want it, need it? Get it here!

Laters! xoxo…Cortneybre…


Pattern on Pattern…


Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: Franco Sarto Sunnies: Franco Sarto Bracelet: Bealles
Blouse, Belt  & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Franco Sarto  Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Bracelet: Bealles

Today’s look is pattern on pattern…it just happens to be the same pattern. (That’s quite the mouthful!)

Recently Ann Taylor LOFT had an excellent 60% off sale and I stumbled upon this stylish floral patterned bustier dress and button up blouse.

The price was right and I’d been searching for a patterned look for some time.

Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: Franco Sarto Sunnies: Franco Sarto Bracelet: Bealles
Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Bracelet: Bealles


In order to make the dress work friendly I simply tied the blouse in front and added a belt. The best bit is that these pieces can be worn separately or together! 

Check out the blouse here and the dress here ! Xoxo…Happy Hump Day! Cortneybre…



Gingham Girl..A Casual Monday Post…

Happy Casual Monday!

I say Casual Monday because it’s a short week for me and I plan on being a bit casual all week. Short week, you may ask? Yes…because I leave for a MUCH needed cruise with my hubby and daughter on Saturday. We’ll be gone ten days and I just can’t wait!

Skirt: Gap (old but love this one from Boden); Shirt: Old Navy (old but love this JCREW shirt also); Heels: Franco Sarto (Old but love these by Vince Camuto); Bag: Kate Spade (Sold out but dying for this Michael Kors!); Sunnies: Franco Sarto.

Honestly, cruise preparation has been the main cause of my not posting as much as usual on the blog. This is because any sort of event involving wearing a bathing suit causes my body to literally turn to mush (I’m fabulously fit the rest of the time..wink, wink).

Due to the mush effect, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working out twice as much as usual, dreaming about cupcakes and other sweets that I cannot have and checking my mush to see if it’s returned to its former firm state. This is quite the time-consuming process.

I do hope to make up for it though with lots of fun posts detailing my cruise adventures! Stay tuned for future cruise inspired posts!

Now…back to my casual Monday outfit.

I paired one of my fave Old Navy, blue gingham, button up shirts with an orange skirt from the Gap. To avoid being too casual, I added my Franco Sarto leather heels, my fave Kate Spade leather bag and a necklace and belt from JCREW.

When picking out a skirt to wear with this shirt, I referred to my color wheel and matched two colors opposite of each other. Wanna learn more about using a color wheel, check out my prior post here!

Hope your week is off to a great start! Xx..Cortneybre…