Cortneybre…in Countryside Chic Wish…

I really do try to not check out the Chic Wish website.  I seriously need to save some of my pay check for the future.  What can I say, I’m an addict!  I just LOVE their clothes.  Their fabrics, cuts and unique pieces are just…me. 

Dress: Chic Wish Belt: Gap Bag: Kate Spade Boots: Nine West
Dress: Chic Wish
Belt: Gap
Bag: Kate Spade
Boots: Nine West

Today’s dress from Chic Wish took quite a while to make it to me from across the sea.  I was very eager for it to arrive and I wasn’t disappointed! 

I love to buy pieces that are unique and this dress definitely fits into that category.  Notice the beautiful and quaint English countryside scene on the skirt?  The extra detailing at the nape of the neck?  The dress is made of a beautiful (and warm) brocade fabric which is nice during this time of year.  

Today I paired it with boots by Nine West, my beautiful tobacco brown Kate Spade bag and a woven leather belt by Gap.


Measuring Up

Fit: Chic Wish runs small.  I typically wear a small in the US and needed a large in this dress.  I find their clothes run one size smaller in the waist however, if you’re busty or have curves you might want to order two sizes up.

Fabric: Beautiful print and brocade but very rigid.  The fabric does not stretch at all so as I said before, you will need to order up if you’re in doubt of your size.

Length: Perfect!  I am 5’ 6” and I thought the length was spot on.  I loved the flare of the skirt.

Price Point:  What I REALLY love about Chic Wish is their affordability!  This dress is on sale for $49.90.  You can’t beat it!

Overall impression:  Totally love it!  I had several people – including men which was a little odd – ask where I bought the dress.  I do think that even the men, really wanted to know!  Some of my friends were disappointed that this was the largest size in this dress.  I also ordered another Chic Wish dress and can’t wait to receive it!





Culottes…on Cortneybre…

Well…the crisis continues.  Only now, it has a name.  Culottes.  As in wide legged – above the ankle – possibly high waisted trousers.  I make that distinction because I think the French use the term “culottes” to refer to panties and this isn’t a lingerie post. 

Culottes: New Directions Belk Blouse: Gap Jacket: Old Navy Bag: Kate Spade NY Shoes: BCBG
Culottes: New Directions Belk  Blouse: Gap
Jacket: Old Navy  Bag: Kate Spade NY  Shoes: BCBG

Let me also state there is a bit of culotte snobbery on the internet and many people argue about the categorizing of culottes, palazzo pants and gauchos.  Personally, I think it’s much ado about nothing.  I choose to call these culottes.  Maybe I just want to sound fancy and French.  Whatever the reason, I think if you reference these types of pants by any of those names, people will get the concept.   Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to my obsession.  

As stated in my prior post, I’m having a little bit of a fashion shift – from a classic, girly palette to one that is edgier, bolder and more androgynous.  Just in case this is just a phase, I’m trying to find a happy medium between the two styles.    While searching through my closet and wading thru midi-skirt, after midi-skirt I stumbled upon this pair of culottes.  My world opened up!  I love the cut of culottes.  They’re good girl edgy. The quirky sibling of slacks…pants masquerading as a skirt!


You must ensure your proportions are correct – typically light on top and heavier on bottom (think a tank top and culottes forming a triangle type silhouette) or boxier on top and wide on bottom (think two squares on top of each other). 

You must ensure the pants hit you at the right point on your leg or you’ll lose your height and look disproportionate.  Think – just wearing pants that are too short for you and cut poorly. 

I prefer heels with my culottes.  I actually prefer heels with everything but they especially work well with shorter lengths.  Your legs look longer, your ankles smaller and the look is more polished and refined. 


I’m now looking for the perfect pair of taffeta (one of my favorite fabrics) culottes in a bright and bold color. 

Similar to these below:  

Fabulous Victoria Beckham was recently spotted in a fetching pair of culottes a couple of days ago.  Notice the proportion of the blouse/scarf to the pants and the heels?  Spot on!

Victoria courtesy of Refinery29

Have an excellent week, my friends!

Gingham Girl..A Casual Monday Post…

Happy Casual Monday!

I say Casual Monday because it’s a short week for me and I plan on being a bit casual all week. Short week, you may ask? Yes…because I leave for a MUCH needed cruise with my hubby and daughter on Saturday. We’ll be gone ten days and I just can’t wait!

Skirt: Gap (old but love this one from Boden); Shirt: Old Navy (old but love this JCREW shirt also); Heels: Franco Sarto (Old but love these by Vince Camuto); Bag: Kate Spade (Sold out but dying for this Michael Kors!); Sunnies: Franco Sarto.

Honestly, cruise preparation has been the main cause of my not posting as much as usual on the blog. This is because any sort of event involving wearing a bathing suit causes my body to literally turn to mush (I’m fabulously fit the rest of the time..wink, wink).

Due to the mush effect, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working out twice as much as usual, dreaming about cupcakes and other sweets that I cannot have and checking my mush to see if it’s returned to its former firm state. This is quite the time-consuming process.

I do hope to make up for it though with lots of fun posts detailing my cruise adventures! Stay tuned for future cruise inspired posts!

Now…back to my casual Monday outfit.

I paired one of my fave Old Navy, blue gingham, button up shirts with an orange skirt from the Gap. To avoid being too casual, I added my Franco Sarto leather heels, my fave Kate Spade leather bag and a necklace and belt from JCREW.

When picking out a skirt to wear with this shirt, I referred to my color wheel and matched two colors opposite of each other. Wanna learn more about using a color wheel, check out my prior post here!

Hope your week is off to a great start! Xx..Cortneybre…





Stripes and Floral Prints….

Blouse: Gap Skirt: Ann Taylor Shoes: Mossimo Necklaces: Bealles Sunglasses: UnionBay
Blouse: Gap  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Shoes: Mossimo  Necklaces: Bealles  Sunglasses: UnionBay

Whew! What a week…I’ve been so busy with work and life that I’ve not had time to post.

Due to my hectic schedule this has been a week of wardrobe repeats…but I must say that having this blog makes it so easy to put something together!  I can basically just copy one of my looks from a previous post and no brain power gets wasted on figuring out what to wear.

Blouse: Gap Skirt: Ann Taylor Shoes: Mossimo Necklaces: Bealles Sunglasses: UnionBay Watch: Kate Spade
Blouse: Gap  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Shoes: Mossimo  Necklaces: Bealles  Sunglasses: UnionBay  Watch: Kate Spade

Unfortunatley, I’m still wrapping up work related items but I do have just a couple of snapshots for today that I took quickly in between appointments.  This look hasn’t been featured before and it is simple but visually interesting.  I love mixing floral prints with stripes and other patterns.  Add some pearls and you’re ready to roll!

Hope you have a superb weekend, my friends!! Till next week..Cortneybre…