School Days

School days, School days…good old golden rule days…

As I pack away my beautiful summer dresses, sandals and outfits, I try to console myself with the knowledge that this isn’t goodbye but rather a brief parting.  I’m not quite ready to pack away all of these things and will be transitioning some of them thru fall until the leaves are all fallen from the trees and the cold winds blow through.  Sigh…

But then it’s tights season and I get REALLY happy about tights season!

Part of my fall transitioning is unpacking all of my sweaters and heavy blouses to pair with lighter skirts and slacks.  Today’s look was inspired by the “School Chic” trend that I’ve noticed is popping up. 

Cardigan: Land's End Sweater Blouse: JCREW Skirt: Tara Jarmon Shoes: Kate Spade NY Bag: Kate Spade NY (Iconoclast) Sunnies: Franco Sarto Lipstick: Stila - Beso
Cardigan: Land’s End
Sweater Blouse: JCREW
Skirt: Tara Jarmon
Shoes: Kate Spade NY
Bag: Kate Spade NY (Iconoclast)
Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Lipstick: Stila – Beso

I’m of the opinion that embroidered or monogrammed blazers and sweaters never go out of style and I do love the preppy school girl look (even if it’s been quite some time since I was a school girl).  I was terribly lucky to borrow this cute cardigan from my sweet daughter who is, currently, just that…a school girl.  Lucky girly wears a uniform complete with plaid skirt, embroidered blouse and penny loafers every day! 


Even if you’re a school girl no longer, why not try an embroidered cardigan or blazer?  It adds a bit of formality to an outfit and adds a bit of sophistication and personalization as well!

Land’s End sells wonderful cardigans and blazers and also embroiders them with your favorite school’s logo or a monogram of your choosing.  The cardigan I’m wearing in the picture is from Land’s End so I can attest to their quality and comfort. Click here to check it out!  

Oh and just a note about the wonderful mural behind me in these shots.  The mural was painted by a local artist, Shannon Lake…with a link to his website:  He is a wonderful, local artist and I’m so lucky to see his work throughout some of the Southern towns I travel.  

Cortneybre Fonts_Letterman Jacket

The Power of Peplum…

Peplum top: Cynthia Rowley Necklace: Chloe+Isabel Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: ColeHaan Nike Air Watch: Kate Spade Bag: Kate Spade Sunnies: UnionBay
Peplum top: Cynthia Rowley  Necklace: Chloe+Isabel  Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT  Shoes: ColeHaan Nike Air
Watch: Kate Spade  Bag: Kate Spade  Sunnies: UnionBay

I just love peplum tops. I don’t care if they go out of style….I’m still wearing them. If only for the way they define your waist and cover any little extra tummy you may have. If peplum could talk it would say, “it’s ok that you ate that extra cupcake today…you’ve got me to cover you up and you look great”!

Today’s post was actually taken a couple of weeks ago but never posted as I was too busy to blog. Sad…yeah…I know… Thankfully, I was able to work on blogging this week and post it before it became obsolete. I guess this is a Throwback Thursday post without actually being one…but I digress. 

Back to peplums and their perfection. Another wonderful and important peplum trait is that they’re very versatile. I’ve worn this particular top with jeans, skirts and shorts.

It’s a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down. 

Today’s look was inspired by the Chloe + Isabel necklace I’m wearing in the pictures. Get it here !

This necklace is unique and so beautiful.  It reminds me of Art Deco with an Egyptian twist. I like to buy items that are essentially conversation starters.

This necklace definitely fit that description! I had lots of people ask me about it and want to have a closer look.

 A friend of mine posted a saying on her Facebook account recently…it’s from a book called Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell…. 

This is how I feel about my outfits and myself in general. My attire is a direct expression of me. How I feel, what I represent, who I am …at least for that moment…is pushed out of my head and onto my body.

This necklace was one of those ways I could funnel myself into one wearable piece.

Hope everyone’s having a great Thursday…hang in there…Friday is right around the corner!


I wear pink. You should too.

I wear pink. There. I said it. I wear it, I love it, I embrace that love.

There are so many woman who tell me “You look so great in pink, wish I could wear it but it makes me feel too ___” . The words inserted into that blank are usually little girlish, girly girl-ish, silly or they say they’re too old.

So sad….I had no idea one could actually grow out of wearing a color but it appears that is the misconception.

I don’t know why we allow these rules; rules that limit us and ultimately affect our self-expression.

Pink is just a color and like any color I will admit there are certain assumptions linked to it. However, those assumptions are by very definition of the word just supposings of some random person. Assumptions can be changed if the majority’s viewpoint is shifted ever so slightly. It’s a fluid concept and I choose to not be held to the standards of such concepts. 

I love pink. That’s why I wear it. I think it’s a beautiful color and it makes me happy. As I tell those women who say they can’t wear pink “because”, why not give it a try and wear it if you like it. Chances are many others will like it on you too. Wear what makes you happy and don’t worry about the girly girl stuff! 

Today’s look is a soft but sophisticated look that I think is perfect for Spring or Summer. I love the structure of the jacket paired with the graceful cut of the dress. My necklace is one of my fave’s from my Chloe + Isabel boutique! Shop it here!

Dress: Cynthia Rowley but love this one!

Shoes: New Look at ASOS – buy them here!

Jacket: Kate Spade NY – Love this one!

Bag: Kate Spade NY – Love this one!

Keep being you, my friends…you’re one of a kind!  xoxo…Cortneybre…


Bag Fabulous!

Skirt: JCREW Blouse: Gap Shoes: Rampage Watch/Bracelet: Kate Spade Bag: Kate Spade Earrings: Bealles
Skirt: JCREW  Blouse: Gap
Shoes: Rampage  Watch/Bracelet: Kate Spade
Bag: Kate Spade  Earrings: Bealles

Today’s post is all about the bag! I recently went on a mini shopping spree at a local Kate Spade outlet. It was my Mother’s Day present from my honey hubby and I indulged myself by purchasing three bags.

 Before I went shopping, I decided I needed a strategy because… honestly…if left to my own devices in a Kate Spade store, I could either buy way too much and blow my budget or buy absolutely nothing at all. Buying nothing at all isn’t due to not finding a plethora of items I want, desire and covet.…it is due to being so totally overwhelmed and essentially star struck (yes, I know it’s sad that I’m star struck by a store full of purses) that I become indecisive and essentially purchasing paralyzed. This happens to me all the time at Barnes and Noble. I must go in with a plan or I wander aimlessly down aisle after aisle until I’m so exhausted I leave empty handed. I’m sure there is some sort of “syndrome” for this…but I’ve yet to label myself with some “-ism” and prefer to attack with a plan instead!

Back to my plan….my plan was to buy two to three bags that were unlike what I already own. I’m working on building a collection and I’ve covered several looks and needs with the bags I have purchased previously. Soooo…I was looking for different colors, different shapes and possible different sizes although I prefer a larger bag typically. I will say, I feel I was quite successful in the execution of such a plan, yes…quite successful. See that pop of color dangling from my hands! 

Notice the details…notice the colors….notice the absolute awesomeness of the chain and…not to be missed…the detail on the clasp! It is a bag unlike any other of my collection! Be still my beating heart but isn’t it a lovely piece of leather?!

I did buy two other fab.u.lous bags….one of which has been featured in this week’s earlier posts. I love them too and they also move me forward in completing my collection. Hope you guys have a great Mother’s Day weekend! Xoxo…Cortneybre…


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