School Days

School days, School days…good old golden rule days…

As I pack away my beautiful summer dresses, sandals and outfits, I try to console myself with the knowledge that this isn’t goodbye but rather a brief parting.  I’m not quite ready to pack away all of these things and will be transitioning some of them thru fall until the leaves are all fallen from the trees and the cold winds blow through.  Sigh…

But then it’s tights season and I get REALLY happy about tights season!

Part of my fall transitioning is unpacking all of my sweaters and heavy blouses to pair with lighter skirts and slacks.  Today’s look was inspired by the “School Chic” trend that I’ve noticed is popping up. 

Cardigan: Land's End Sweater Blouse: JCREW Skirt: Tara Jarmon Shoes: Kate Spade NY Bag: Kate Spade NY (Iconoclast) Sunnies: Franco Sarto Lipstick: Stila - Beso
Cardigan: Land’s End
Sweater Blouse: JCREW
Skirt: Tara Jarmon
Shoes: Kate Spade NY
Bag: Kate Spade NY (Iconoclast)
Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Lipstick: Stila – Beso

I’m of the opinion that embroidered or monogrammed blazers and sweaters never go out of style and I do love the preppy school girl look (even if it’s been quite some time since I was a school girl).  I was terribly lucky to borrow this cute cardigan from my sweet daughter who is, currently, just that…a school girl.  Lucky girly wears a uniform complete with plaid skirt, embroidered blouse and penny loafers every day! 


Even if you’re a school girl no longer, why not try an embroidered cardigan or blazer?  It adds a bit of formality to an outfit and adds a bit of sophistication and personalization as well!

Land’s End sells wonderful cardigans and blazers and also embroiders them with your favorite school’s logo or a monogram of your choosing.  The cardigan I’m wearing in the picture is from Land’s End so I can attest to their quality and comfort. Click here to check it out!  

Oh and just a note about the wonderful mural behind me in these shots.  The mural was painted by a local artist, Shannon Lake…with a link to his website:  He is a wonderful, local artist and I’m so lucky to see his work throughout some of the Southern towns I travel.  

Cortneybre Fonts_Letterman Jacket

Business in the Front….

Hope you guys and gals are having a great Friday! I decided to change my look a bit today. In fact, I’m not sure how I could have changed it more as I slicked back my hair, wore pants (I don’t do that a lot!), didn’t wear a necklace and forgot my engagement ring (by accident!). 

So, today’s look is alll…”Business in the front….but party in the back”. Actually…the party in the back I’m referring to is that I’ve lost the ombre and went back to my original red hair. Or as original as a box of Revlon hair color could make it. It’s still a bit brighter than my original hair color…but I like that too. 

This suit is one of my faves – always garners a lot of compliments…especially from men. Guess they appreciate a good suit! I like that it’s understated and simple but crisp.

Why does one feel just a bit more self-important when buttoning up a suit jacket? I feel a little bit more “in charge” in this suit. Often when I wear my normal attire (think something pink, frilly or girly) I feel a little bit vulnerable. This suit is like a piece of armor. I’m a powerhouse…and I’m coming your way. 

The suit is by JCREW and even though I purchased it a few years ago, I highly recommend their current line of suits and business wear. Their stretch wool suits are particularly fine.  Check them out here

 What I’m Wearing:

  • Suit: JCREW
  • Button up Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Heels: Kate Spade
  • Bag: Kate Spade
  • Scarf accent: Cejon
  • Sunnies: Franco Sarto 

Hope you have a great weekend! Xoxo..Cortneybre…

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