Casual Friday – Pulling off patterned pants!

Well, Happy Friday!  As it’s also Casual Friday, I wanted to be truly casual today.  Which for me translates to pants with heels.  (Yes, that’s as casual as I get during the work week).

When I first put on these pants…I’ll be honest…I wasn’t so sure about them.  I could vaguely hear the theme to Miami Vice playing in the back of my mind – and I’m too young to even remember that show!

I did, however, LOVE the way they fit at the ankle and once I added this great blazer vest, they looked really hip and stylish.

Also, as it’s warmed up a bit, although I think the Polar Vortex will grace us once again before Spring, I popped on a newly bought pair of BCBG heels from Shoe Dazzle.  These babies have been patiently awaiting their debut and its been so nice to have my toes exposed for a bit!  (Ewww…I know…but if you’d been as bundled as I have the last few months you’d understand)!

Have a great weekend!  Champagne wishes and caviar dreams my friends!  Cortneybre…

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