Cortneybre…Relaunch 2019!

Welcome back to Cortneybre!  Or rather, I’m happy to welcome myself, Cortneybre, back to the blogging world!

I started Cortneybre in late 2013 on a whim…actually I was told by my therapist that I needed a creative outlet as I was a “peacock doing a squirrel’s job”.

So, to ensure I was doing more “peacock-like” work, even if I was stuck in that squirrel job for most of my day, I started my style blog.   The blog was launched and was an absolute fantastic way for me to let my inner peacock preen.

My last post was in July 2015 and was actually one of my favorite posts…an illustrator had sent me a beautiful rendering of a recent post of mine.  Although my blog was doing very well and I really, really enjoyed the connections and interactions with others in the fashion world. I’ll admit, I was overwhelmed with the attention – both from the exposure the blog generated and the attention required to keep the blog itself moving forward.

I decided to suspend the blog on a high note, with that last beautiful post, and take a break.  The break turned into a hiatus of a few years and ushered in lots of personal and professional changes for me.

One of the biggest changes is my relocation from Georgia to California!  

Now that I’m in Cali, I have more free time and more places to explore.  This also seemed like the right time and place to reinvent and relaunch the Cortneybre blog!

From “What I Wore Today” posts, to my exploration of different and interesting California locales, I hope to continue to expand the content of Cortneybre!

Please join me as I continue my style journey and know that I appreciate the privilege of sharing my ideas, adventures and outfits with you!

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