Fall Colors & DSW Chinese Laundry -Animal Print Riser Boots!

Fall Colors and Animal Prints - Casual Sunday
Cardigan: A New Day-Target;  Jeans: Lucky; Bag: Tory Burch; Boots: Chinese Laundry-DSW

For those who saw my last post, you’ll not be surprised to learn that I bought more than just one pair of shoes at my DSW splurge on Saturday!

By downloading the DSW app or just signing up for an account online, you get access to sales and rewards.  I purchased three pairs of shoes, got 20% off my total and redeemed $25 dollars in rewards!  I then gained $10 additional dollars in rewards for future purchases and received a free tote bag set!  Win, win, win!  

In this post, I’m showcasing the Chinese Laundry boots I purchased!  Buy them HERE at DSW!!   Also, I have to rave about this A New Day  rust cardigan from Target…the color is fantastic and it goes with everything!

Cardigan: A New Day-Target;  Jeans: Lucky; Bag: Tory Burch; Boots: Chinese Laundry-DSW

They’re comfortable and I like that I can wear them with jeans or a skirt & tights.  I walked a lot today and they lasted the entire day.  Here’s the specs:  

  • Chinese Laundry RISER BOOT
  • Brown/Black Tiger Print
  • Printed faux suede upper
  • Pull-on & Pointed toe
  • Synthetic lining & Cushioned footbed
  • Approx. 14″ shaft height & Approx. 15″ calf circumference
  • 3¼” covered heel & Synthetic sole
Cardigan: A New Day-Target;  Jeans: Lucky; Bag & Bracelet: Tory Burch
Cardigan: A New Day-Target;  Jeans: Lucky; Bag: Tory Burch; Boots: Chinese Laundry-DSW

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great Monday!!

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Enjoying Spring (finally!)…a Merona top and my Firmoo glasses..on Cortneybre…

Oh the weather outside is WONDERFUL!  Spring has finally sprung and I’m so enjoying life sans tights and coats!


I’m always searching for simple, comfortable tops.  I seem to always be at a deficit; either too many wonderful skirts or pants and no tops or tons of fabulous tops and not a bottom to be found!

I saw this simple but cute and comfy blue and white striped top at Target last week.  I loved the true blue color of the striping and thought the neckline was perfect.

If you know me at all, you know I’m not shy when it comes to wearing REALLY bright colors!  Shine bright is my motto!  

I also want to show off another new fave of mine!  I was graciously offered to try a pair of glasses from Firmoo.  

Firmoo is a global, online optical store.  I was impressed with their selection, quality and value!  

Glasses: by FIRMOO =F1017
Glasses: by FIRMOO -F1017

I especially LOVE the “Nerd Glasses” section of their website.  It’s perfect for me – I love nerd chic!  The glasses were delivered quickly and came in a cute, chic case.  

Firmoo Glasses Jacket: Merona
Firmoo Glasses
Jacket: Merona

With Spring upon us, my seasonal allergies are behaving quite badly at the moment.  (Ignore those bags under my eyes…I’m dying a slow death via pine pollen).  It is SO nice to be able to put on these cute glasses and still be fashionable and functional!

And just look how cute they are as a bag accessory!  Overall, I really liked the glasses and if you’re in the market for a new pair, check out Firmoo here!


I hope you have a fantastic Friday, a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!  








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Layering…Stripes on Stripes…on Cortneybre…

I love this dress.  It’s comfortable and very versatile.  I’ve worn this dress as a.. uh.. dress.. but also as a skirt and a shirt – during winter and summer.  It dresses up nicely but also looks great with a jean jacket or sandals.

Dress: ELLE (Kohl's) Blouse: Bisou, Bisou (JCP) Shoes: Mossimo (Target) Necklace: Bealles Sunnies - ColeHaan Bag: Kate Spade NY
Dress: ELLE (Kohl’s)   Blouse: Bisou, Bisou (JCP)  Shoes: Mossimo (Target)  Necklace: Bealles
Sunnies – ColeHaan  Bag: Kate Spade NY

I had a friend approach me the other day about wearing patterns together.  “Is that too much of a good thing?” and all that jazz.  I think anything’s possible when it comes to fashion.  I’ve had outfits that should have worked but didn’t and I’ve had outfits that seemed like crazy visions in my mind until I pulled them together and reaped complimentary rewards.

So, my answer to her was “I dunno…I’d just have to see it”.  Probably not the most helpful, but my greater message was to take the chance, throw caution to the wind and try it on!


I decided to take my own advice on today’s outfit.  I love stripes.  I could wear stripes every day and feel blissfully myself.  Perhaps it’s the duality of the colors, the contrast of the hues which reflects my own inner conflicts and duality.  Quite deep thoughts for my shallow mind!  Regardless of my adoration, I do so love stripes of all combinations and hues.

I took my beloved striped dress and added another equally fancied striped shirt (by Bisou Bisou and on sale at JCP right now…in case you’re interested) and combined the two.  Voila!  A completely new look from and old favorite!  

I’m now contemplating other pattern on pattern looks.  Florals on florals, polka dots on polka dots, plaid on plaid.  The possibilities are endless.  That’s a nice thought too.  I like endless possibilities.

Have a great day my lovely readers, one and all!..xoxo…Cortneybre…

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What Do You Think? Peter Pilotto for Target – a review….

Today was to be the first day of my Pre-Valentine’s Day inspired looks.  That was the plan until I visited Target yesterday and snatched up a couple of pieces from the newly displayed Peter Pilotto for Target collection.  So, Valentine’s Day will just have to wait until tomorrow!  Instead, here’s a little snippet about Peter Pilotto and my thoughts on the Peter Pilotto for Target collection.

I discovered Peter Pilotto a couple of years ago in W magazine and was intrigued by the design, structure, color and patterns of the clothing line.  It’s hard to describe the Peter Pilotto look although it makes me think of gazing through a kaleidoscope at an ever changing array of colors and shapes.  Throw in an ink blot or two and you have Peter Pilotto.

That doesn’t sound very attractive but the clothes are wearable works of art – visually stimulating and beautiful.  Also, I’ve long admired the cut of the collections with their geometric displays and sharp edges.  I read that the designers behind Peter Pilotto – Peter Pilotto himself and Christopher De Vos – are fascinated with a scientific view of nature.  This so perfectly describes their designs.  You feel as if some beautiful thing has been captured, sliced and sits pulsing on a glass slide as you peer wonderingly at it through a microscope.  Nature is beauty and beauty is Nature and so Peter Pilotto pulls you in with its designs.

Having been interested in Peter Pilotto but unable to really afford any of its pieces, I was excited to learn the brand was doing a line for Target.  I must admit, I wondered how Peter Pilotto would translate to an “everyday, soccer mom, big box store”.  Would offering the ability to buy milk, bread and designer-inspired clothing really mix?

Overall, I was impressed with the line for Target.  The display at my local Target was simple and only featured three racks with an array of blouses, shirts and dresses.  I spoke with a couple of fellow shoppers who were staring interestingly at the display.  (They had looked at me awkwardly as I was snapping shots of the display and I felt obligated to explain why I was doing so).

I asked both ladies what they thought of the line and did they have any prior knowledge of Peter Pilotto.  One was just interested in the colors and patterns.  She said the display caught her eye but she didn’t think she’d actually wear any of the items.  The other lady I spoke with stated she did know the brand and was extremely excited to see it at Target.  I asked if she was pleased with the line and she stated she was although she wasn’t sure about the fit and quality of the clothing.

After my conversation with my fellow shoppers I decided to grab a couple of pieces that interested me and try them on.  I selected a dress and blouse and was very pleasantly pleased with both!  I liked the patterns although I do wish the colors were more vibrant.  I recognize that since this was for Target, the line was probably toned down a bit to make it more wearable to the masses.  I was most impressed with the fit of both items.  The blouse was soft and tailored and the dress was cut perfectly for me and true to size.  I decided to buy both and I’m quite happy with my purchase!

I’m wearing the blouse today but I will wait until Spring to wear the dress as it’s a lighter material and short sleeved.

My overall impression of the Peter Pilotto collection for Target was a good one.  However, I was dismayed to read a lot of negative reviews of the collection on Target’s Facebook page.  People seem to be missing the point.  They complained that the collection wasn’t “wearable” and wasn’t something that someone shopping at Target would typically purchase.  Isn’t that the point?  Isn’t it nice to have access to a designer brand to which most people typically would not have access?  If you want sweats and t-shirts, keep pushing your buggy – Target has that too and in abundance.  What is so wrong with a three rack display of clothing which is unique and beautiful?  I hope Target doesn’t take the negative reviews of this line as a sign to stop partnering with more fashion forward designers.  Personally, I like being able to buy my groceries and a designer outfit or two at the same time!

What did you think of the Peter Pilotto for Target line?  I’d love to hear from you!


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