Bam!? Or is it Bamm, Bamm?!

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Kate Spade Sunnies: Union Bay
Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Kate Spade
Sunnies: Union Bay

Hello readers! Sorry I had to take a little break from the blogging world to tie up some work and personal items. I hope you missed me, for I missed you!

Today’s look is quite a…uh…looker. (Forgive me…I’m shaking off the dust that’s been clogging my blogging brain).

A friend of mine I mentioned in an earlier post, Sara, gifted me with some wonderful pieces from her closet that no longer held her interest. After sifting through her gift bag, I chose a few pieces to make my own – one of which is this lovely tiger print dress.

It’s a Phillip Lim for Target and I must say…it’s certainly attention getting. It was part of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Collection which debuted mid-2013.

Hence the title of my post….the question is: Is it “Bam!” as in…”in-your-face fabulous”! or is it too “Bamm, Bamm”? As in Barney Rubble’s son from the Flintstone’s.

Let’s hope it’s the former and not the latter! Judging by the feedback I’ve received today I think it is (hopefully)! I must say I’m quite impressed with the fit and feel of the dress. It’s comfortable and fits true to size. I think it’s a flattering cut too which I was worried about since its quite form fitting. Overall, I’m pleased with it! 

I kept the jewelry very simple; just a pair of simple stud earrings. And I paired the dress with brown, coppery Steve Madden heels. I didn’t want to add anything to the dress as I felt even the slightest addition could throw the look over the top. …and into Bamm Bamm territory.

I wish this were something you could purchase now or that I could even find a comparable dress for you in case you’re interested in the look. The best I can do is point you in the direction of eBAY and wish you luck (click here). Actually, if you enter into your eBAY search filters, Phillip Lim for Target, you’ll come up with quite a selection. I’m thinking of purchasing the A-line skirt made out of this same fabric from the 3.1 collection if I can find my size on eBAY. Maybe you’ll see it in future posts! 

I’ll just pretend I’m Pebbles when I wear it – she did always have the cutest little dinosaur bone accented top knot! Xoxo…Cortneybre…

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Stripes and Floral Prints….

Blouse: Gap Skirt: Ann Taylor Shoes: Mossimo Necklaces: Bealles Sunglasses: UnionBay
Blouse: Gap  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Shoes: Mossimo  Necklaces: Bealles  Sunglasses: UnionBay

Whew! What a week…I’ve been so busy with work and life that I’ve not had time to post.

Due to my hectic schedule this has been a week of wardrobe repeats…but I must say that having this blog makes it so easy to put something together!  I can basically just copy one of my looks from a previous post and no brain power gets wasted on figuring out what to wear.

Blouse: Gap Skirt: Ann Taylor Shoes: Mossimo Necklaces: Bealles Sunglasses: UnionBay Watch: Kate Spade
Blouse: Gap  Skirt: Ann Taylor  Shoes: Mossimo  Necklaces: Bealles  Sunglasses: UnionBay  Watch: Kate Spade

Unfortunatley, I’m still wrapping up work related items but I do have just a couple of snapshots for today that I took quickly in between appointments.  This look hasn’t been featured before and it is simple but visually interesting.  I love mixing floral prints with stripes and other patterns.  Add some pearls and you’re ready to roll!

Hope you have a superb weekend, my friends!! Till next week..Cortneybre…


Holiday Party Style – The Black Sequined Cardigan…

Holiday parties…oh the weight of those words!  The very phrase, You are invited … makes some women quiver with fright!  And why?  Three words…WHAT TO WEAR???

Well, let’s just clear the air and take a deep breath!  All is not lost!  Let me introduce one wonderful item that can take any outfit, no matter how drab and make it fab!

 The black sequined cardigan.   

Need reasons to LOVE the black sequined cardigan?  Here you go!

It’s not a sweater!

When I think sweater I think casual, I think jeans, I think bringing wood in and building a fire.  I DO NOT think party.  Therefore, unless it’s an “ugly sweater” party, skip the sweater and go for the cardigan.


Cardigans (mostly) have buttons and buttons make things seem more tailored and fitted.  Someone took an extra effort to make all of those little button holes and to sew on those beautiful button baubles.  In turn, you took the extra effort to buy and recognize such tailoring extras and this makes a cardigan more party appropriate.  If the “cardigan” does not have buttons…is it really a cardigan or just a sweater playing dress up?  Methinks it’s a sweater and if so, re-read the first reason.


Oh for the love of glitter and all things sparkly!  Sequins…one cannot get enough!  Do I need to tell you that sequins add depth and glamour?!  They are brightening as they reflect light and can add pizzazz to the drabbest of attire.  Sequins signal the party has begun!  Just do not be surprised if people want to “pet” your sequins…this has happened to me and the safest response is to back away slowly.

Black goes with everything!

You can wear black with just about everything..except maybe brown but even that can be made to work.  (Come on…black and brown to a Holiday party…really?…you can do better).  So, once you have the sequined cardigan, you’ve pretty much gotten the outfit all picked out!  Just grab a skirt or pair of slacks of your choosing and you’re all set!

Abundance!  They’re easy to find!

Just search “black sequined cardigan” and you’ll find many options to choose from and purchase online.  This is much easier than trying on dress after dress at the department store!

So, my friends…I hope you enjoy attending any Holiday parties to which you have been invited.  Go…eat, drink and be merry!  And wear sequins!  Cortneybre…

Cardigan: Worthington Pants: Cynthia Rowley Shoes: Kate Spade NY Sunglasses: UnionBay
Cardigan: Worthington
Pants: Cynthia Rowley
Shoes: Kate Spade NY
Sunglasses: UnionBay

Peppy in Peplum! {A Friday Favorite!}

I just love peplum tops and dresses!  They are instantly slimming and refined.  Today I have on double trouble peplum!  I have a peplum jacket paired with a striped peplum top underneath.  You would think this would be peppy overkill but it really just gave me a little more flounce, which is just fine.

Did you know that the term peplum is derived from the Greek word peplos meaning tunic or shawl?  It is described as a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress.  Essentially this makes your waist appear smaller and your hips fuller.

The peplum look was popular in the 1940’s and again in the 1980’s.  It is now considered a vintage look although I feel it can look quite modern depending on the fabric and the cut of the skirt.

I find that peplum tops are very versatile.  I can wear them with pencil skirts or full skirts as well as slacks or jeans.  Adding a belt to a peplum top can change the entire look of the outfit!  Also, as I’ve done today, don’t be afraid to layer your peplum top or dress with a peplum jacket!

As a tip, should you find yourself overeating at lunch or dinner during this bountiful Holiday season, the extra ruffle of the peplum skirt can hide a multitude of indiscretions – both past and present!

Peplum IIPeplum I