The Headband Obsession – NamJosh

 It all started with the Lele Sadoughi headband. 

You know the one…the ones with the velvet and the hand sewn pearl accents. I know that you know.  Sigh.  

It …it was like I’d finally gained permission to just walk out …in a tiara and that was perfectly ok!  Nothing going on here..just me…looking like a Royal and feeling like I’d finally been picked for Homecoming Queen.  So basically I was a heroine from a Lorde and a Taylor Swift song….all rolled into one.  I was Queen B  and wanted to rule.

Let me live that fantasy.

Headband: NamJosh; Shirt: Gap; Jacket: Carolina Belle Montreal

But…the price tag was a teensy bit high…and although I’ve seen a diamond in the flesh…I ain’t rollin in them so…I waited.  

But there that headband was…donned by the most glamorous of Instagram influencers…crowning the heads of the beautiful and yet…what was I?  The “damned”?!  Did F. Scott have a premonition about me and my dire headband situation when he penned that novel?!  Sigh….yeah…I was losing my head over doubt about it.  (very punny, I know).  

Headband: NamJosh; Shirt: Gap; Jacket: Carolina Belle Montreal

Still…the price $$ tag!  For a headband!  I just couldn’t swing it and so I did a bit of research and while I didn’t find the pearl covered halo which I sought, I did stumble upon a wonderful and equally fabulous Indian brand called @NamJosh.  NamJosh manufactures all sorts of headwear.  I found them thru their collab with @Anthropologie.  Check it out here!

I ordered six..SIX of their headbands!  The price point was between $38.00 and $45.00…and the craftsmanship is wonderful!  

NamJosh Hanna Heart Embellished Headband

Each headband is a work of art and a beautiful diadem that fit right into my wardrobe.  Actually it added a much needed accent to my wardrobe and one that was completely I didn’t even know that I needed!  

NamJosh is actually selling thru Nordstrom and other online stores.  Check out the NamJosh headbands at Nordstrom here!

Or go directly to their site!  NamJosh website

They have many beautiful headbands, ponytail holders, head scarves, scrunchies and even cuff bracelets!  

I’ll be showcasing more of these beautiful diadems in my upcoming posts!  Be sure to check out my future pics and Instagram at @cortneybreblog!  

Hanna Heart Embellished Headband – NamJosh

Happy Shopping!!

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Pattern on Pattern…


Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: Franco Sarto Sunnies: Franco Sarto Bracelet: Bealles
Blouse, Belt  & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Franco Sarto  Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Bracelet: Bealles

Today’s look is pattern on pattern…it just happens to be the same pattern. (That’s quite the mouthful!)

Recently Ann Taylor LOFT had an excellent 60% off sale and I stumbled upon this stylish floral patterned bustier dress and button up blouse.

The price was right and I’d been searching for a patterned look for some time.

Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT Shoes: Franco Sarto Sunnies: Franco Sarto Bracelet: Bealles
Blouse & Dress: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Sunnies: Franco Sarto
Bracelet: Bealles


In order to make the dress work friendly I simply tied the blouse in front and added a belt. The best bit is that these pieces can be worn separately or together! 

Check out the blouse here and the dress here ! Xoxo…Happy Hump Day! Cortneybre…



Great Expectations….

I love a good pun….a play on words…a double entendre. Take that concept, add my fave brand and make it into a clutch and you have the Kate Spade Book Clutch. It’s a’s a clutch…its witty, and pretty and fine!

I know I’m gushing but this clutch might just be the most perfect piece in my closet at the moment…and maybe forever. A clutch disguised as a novel, down to the Kate Spade Publishing logo on the spine. My, oh my, oh my….perfection.

I chose the Great Expectations version of this clutch as I greatly enjoyed the book and the colors blended perfectly into my wardrobe. Also, the one little quote on the back is so romantic…”I loved her simply because I found her irresistible”. Sigh…simple and beautiful. 

How I’d love to have an entire library of these! From Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby to Romeo and Juliet, Kate Spade has many wonderful titles to choose from, each with their own wonderful art work.

It’s clever statement piece that garners attention wherever you go!…xoxo…Cortneybre…

Dress: Kate Spade – sold out but I LOVE this one!        

Shoes: Mossimo –Old but love these!    

Necklace: JCREW – similar here!    

Pin Accent on Necklace: Antique but love this one too!

Clutch: Kate Spade – shop here

Sunnies: Franco Sarto – Love this website for sunglasses!    

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Lilly Pulitzer Dress + Kate Spade Straw Bag = Leaving for my cruise!!

Bon voyage, my friends!

Well you know it’s cruise and beach time when I bring out the Lilly Pulitzer!  This will be my last post before the cruise and it’s a casual one. Sooo casual in fact that I’ve actually been stopped several times at work today and specifically asked why I’m so casual! 

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Shoes: Dexter Bag: Kate Spade Sunnies: Franco Sarto Earrings: Bealles Watch: Kate Spade
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer  Shoes: Dexter  Bag: Kate Spade  Sunnies: Franco Sarto  Earrings: Bealles  Watch: Kate Spade

Sheesh! if I’m wearing jeans or something! Guess it’s the flip flop sandals…this is what happens when you live in heels. 🙂 

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as I’m working on last minute, pre-departure packing and such.


The dress is a Lilly Pulitzer (similar here), sandals by Dexter (similar here) and bag by Kate Spade (similar here and here )!

Can’t wait to post cruise and vacation pictures upon my return! Until then…xx…Cortneybre…